It was another rainy night.

2020年4月15日   |   by 科姆龙

Once the beginning of spring passes, the spring in the small village is more visible. When walking in the woods in the morning, there are endless birds’ chirps, grass and trees sprout, wild flowers blooming gradually, and the wind blowing across the face is no longer cold. It should be that the spring breeze knows my meaning and makes people happy. Living in the village for a long time, I also feel like a hermit, secluded and lonely.
This early spring, I worked as an idler at home for a longer period of time than in previous years. Ting Yu in rainy days, drink tea, Qing Shi also drink tea, and go to the vegetable garden to see vegetables and enjoy flowers. Take a walk in the morning and watch the sunset at dusk. A few days ago, I learned that my father turned over the field where he used to plant southern ginger again and planted more than a hundred new tea seedlings. When I got up in the morning, I ran to see it excitedly. It was really a happy growth. There is also a wasteland which has been idle for a long time and is relatively quiet. It has also been reclaimed again. It is said that when there is much rain in Qingming Festival, several clusters of bamboos will be planted and bamboo shoots will be eaten after two or three years. I always love bamboo and drink tea, which can be said to be two more happy things.
As the weather gets warmer, people in the village will go to the field to do farm work earlier. Sometimes as soon as I got up for a walk, I saw their figures had already gone down the field. The life of a countryman cannot be separated from a few acres of thin fields and a few hectares of vegetable fields. It should be a blessing for them to hold the field like this and settle the rest of their lives in the small village. Without floating outside, although the breadth of life is limited, the world in their eyes will be more simple and simple.
Some people have been living in the world for many years, but it is difficult for them to have a rest. They return to nature physically and mentally, and everything becomes simple. Sometimes people have this kind of funny point. We envy each other’s lives in the running of our own lives. Also in many contradictions, compromise and compromise. There is no need to explain some truth when you understand it. There is a little worldly taste, and it is not much to understand. When you come to the world, you need to keep the belief that makes your life happy.
Growing up in the countryside is like having a root. For so many years, I still like the village and nature. Go back to the countryside, face a pot of tea, a round of Moon, a cloud, an acre of field, be an idler, lucky and even miserable. I have also thought of keeping a small yard and growing flowers and vegetables to grow old. I also thought about opening an inn, taking in and visiting travellers and listening to their stories. These are just a corner of peach blossom in the heart of the current age, which is hard to reach. But now I also want to take advantage of my youth to see more beautiful mountains and rivers of my motherland. It is still unknown when you can be a returning person and get a place to live. But at least you will feel more comfortable when you see thousands of scenery.
After several years of separation from hometown, I went all the way to the end of the world. Those who have long lived in this heart are still in the small village at dusk, Smoke House, Old School and green countryside. For more than ten years in a flash, it was only a song’s time to piece together the memories of these people shuttling back and forth. When listening to a song, the village was still the Twilight Village in those years, and the people in the story had grown up. In the morning and evening, there is no loop in the years, and we are about to leave. We will leave the bamboo stream and tea path temporarily. When we return, we will smile as if we were old friends.

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