In February of this year

2020年4月15日   |   by 科姆龙

the drizzle was always endless, and the thick, gray and black clouds were motionless, covering the distant mountains tightly. The thick fog was a little dynamic, and the eaves of the houses in the mountain village turned over and over, unwilling to leave for a long time.
The end of this winter is very different from previous years. Everyone has to stay at home honestly, which really brings too much depression to many people. Fortunately, the stream bypassing the village was still flowing, and the stream was still so clear.
For those who like nature, what a tough time it is! I think they must miss the bright sunshine very much, and the vision of ten miles of spring breeze will certainly linger in their dreams for a long time. Yes, the misty rain in March moistens the growth of all the plants and trees in the world. Why is it not what people expect? Fortunately, it’s middle February now, and everything is like waking up. Oh, it’s not far from March. I hope that in March, the willow green flowers will be red, the spring water will be tinkling, and everything will be happy.
But at this moment, I looked at her You Chuang alone. I saw an oiled paper umbrella walking lightly on the winding country road. I couldn’t see her face clearly, I saw a white winter dress floating in the thick fog. It can be seen that although the step is light, it is also a little heavy. I think it may be because of the long cold winter without convergence.
The path paved by cement encountered a simple and pure beauty, and the blurred scene in front of me, although there was also a trace of beauty, I think, many people must be the same as me, the scene in front of us cannot satisfy people’s desire for spring. In this way, the road was quiet, and the oiled paper umbrella gradually disappeared. Seeing all this, I couldn’t help thinking of the pear trees beside the road. Looking carefully, the gray-black branches were waiting in the wind. At this time in previous years, pear flowers were blooming in full bloom. How beautiful the snow-white flowers were! The villagers and passers-by talked with laughter constantly, and they often heard the roar of cars. Industrious bees were buzzing and birds were chirping incessantly.
Now that beginning of spring has passed, it is time for it to sprout. So I walked out of the door, walking on the wet cement road, stopped beside the pear tree, stretched out my hand to pull the pear branch, and looked carefully again and again. Sure enough, it already has a dark brown pointed bud bag, I don’t feel a little happy. Because I felt that it had sprouted hope, which was about to replace old things with new things. I knew that they could not cover the lovesickness of spring. It seemed that spring was warm and flowers were blooming in front of my eyes, and Willow was green and red.
I don’t know how the pear flower will bloom this year, but I still look forward to this day. The most beautiful color of spring is green, full of hills, colorful flowers, blue sky, white clouds and gurgling streams, all of which set off each other and are a scene of hope. The pleasing scene of pear flower is white and flawless, so pure. Every time the breeze blows, the petals are like snow. Original, Ewha beauty, is that it ignited people hope voice, it blooms when attitude, like an angel in white general Qing Yin Qian Xiao, gentle and lovely, that a blushing and patience, it is a beautiful scenery in the world!
Dear people, let a wisp of breeze, with our gentle expectation, send a strong affection, send a sincere greeting, only wish our motherland, only wish you and me, hope for spring as soon as possible, hope for spring rain, hope for sunshine, hope for a tree pear blossom all over the Earth!

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