Many people believe that there must be a cause if there is a result.

2020年4月15日   |   by 科姆龙

I have done some things and encountered an unbearable ending. I can’t figure it out. I am very depressed. Always ask yourself, why did it happen at the beginning, why not? Struggling with it, I couldn’t extricate myself and had no mood to think about other things. Even if I was doing what I was doing now, I could not concentrate on it because I thought of the past. I always want to explain the past to myself now.
Not every question has an answer, not every result has a reason. Since you can’t figure it out, don’t think about it, because people can’t live in depression all the time.
If there is no cause, they will use the previous life to explain, or use ancestors to explain things. There will also be masters moving out destiny, geomancy, Constellation and Zodiac to analyze. Anyway, if he says he has it, he will have it. If you can’t find it, he will say it exists where you can’t find it. What else can you do? Some this is the nature of things, xin ze with, don’t believe the No. Seriously, you will lose.
Some things know the ending at the very beginning, but they have already happened, so they can’t help themselves and let it continue to develop until the predicted ending appears. Just like a hungry person found a bottle of wine. Knowing that he is not good at drinking, he should drink three cups regardless of the consequences. At this time, even if he was hurt by drinking, you can’t blame him for not knowing how to preserve health.
Now that things have happened and time cannot go back, what can you do when facing the helpless ending? Even if time can be reversed and you are given a chance to choose again, do you think you can make a better choice? Life is an exam, which sets the questions and limits the time. Even if you take the make-up exam, you will be given a new question.
The current will naturally choose the path with the smallest resistance to flow. When the temperature reaches the boiling point, the liquid will naturally boil. Once the conditions are determined, occurrence is inevitable. The choice of contingency cannot change the inevitable ending. The nine songs of the long river finally return to the sea, which is Zuo Chen than the seven orifices. Pestering the past, it is better to look forward to the future, look forward to the future, it is better to control the present.
Forgetting is the best explanation for the past. It is like a magic key, helping you open a heavy iron gate and enter a brand-new world, turning the past’s gratitude and resentment, both right and wrong are closed outside the door.
Only out of shan zhong shui fu past, can march into mystification of today. Take out the forgotten key, open the handcuffs and shackles imposed on you in the past, and let go of your hands and feet to control the present.

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