When he arrived at a new place, his father no longer planted flowers.

2020年4月15日   |   by 科姆龙

Many years ago — in our small city, when there were few high-rise buildings and they didn’t belong to ordinary people’s homes, there were short houses and small courtyards everywhere. My father worked in a government agency, and his work unit built some family dormitories for the employees in the fringe of the city. Because the land on the edge of the city was more abundant than that in the center of the city, therefore, a yard which is not small or small can be circled in front of the door. These yards can provide residents with some precious vegetables for city dwellers, which is no exception for my family. However, in order to make the small land in the yard show the richness and magnificence of nature more fully, my father planted some flowers at the aisle and the eye-catching place of the yard. The blooming flowers in the yard added a lot of bright colors to our yard, and some of my neighbors laughed — in the era when “eating” was the most important thing for Chinese people, this practice is undoubtedly a kind of “extravagant” action. But with a smile, the prosperous atmosphere in the yard still aroused people’s admiration and admiration. The Splendor in the yard lasted from summer to autumn. In the second year, the small courtyard of other families was also full of butterflies, blooming bright flowers. At that time, there was a habit between ordinary people’s families that we don’t know whether it is good or bad now: as long as the family starts, other families will follow suit one after another.
Father planted flowers in the yard, and mother also raised flowers in the flowerpot on the windowsill of the House-others imitated father, while mother imitated others: at that time, many neighbors raised flowers on the windowsill, and most of them were rose. My mother cut several branches of the rose from other people’s flowerpots and raised them in my flowerpot. The newly grown branches of the Rose were luxuriant and the flowers were like brocade, it attracted the neighbors who planted flowers to visit our house instead.
Later, my father was transferred to another city to work, and his home was also moved to that city. The living room was changed from brick and tile houses to buildings (at this time, buildings in various cities gradually replaced tile houses). Mother was still growing flowers on the balcony of the building. At this time, what she raised was not the rose, but azaleas and other flowers (doing as the Romans do and adjusting measures to local conditions). Azaleas were still flourishing on my balcony, between the feet, the spring is bright. Later, she was in poor health, and it was even difficult to walk. She had to stand in front of the flower in front of the window with the help of others every day. She regarded the flower as her friend, as a partner in life.
At least he did not plant flowers by himself. It seemed that there was no place for him to use in the room of the building. In fact, this is just our illusion: he didn’t grow flowers because he was busy with his work. He was transferred to a new place and the whole working system was newly established, of course it took up a lot of his energy. When he retired, he also raised flowers. He raised one of his favorite flowers, namely orchid. This is a flower that is not easy to raise. She has a delicate face and a pair of noble bones. She has a unique emphasis on soil quality and flowerpots. When to water and when to fertilize, she has unique requirements, occasionally, the green yarn hides its face and refuses to show its true face. Under the careful care of my father, the three pots of orchids in my home were the second to open, and the room was full of fragrance.
The spring of the fighting room of my father’s family lasted until my mother’s death. After my mother’s death, the flowers raised by my mother gradually faded away, while several pots of orchids raised by my father, also disappeared from the windowsill……
I always have a general feeling: there is a natural tacit understanding and coincidence between flowers and people. Mother is gentle, kind and peaceful, and her heart is full of sunshine, so she is good at nurturing those colorful, rich and full categories. Father is honest and conscientious, no matter in character or ability to work, both of them were recognized and praised by people who knew him and colleagues in the unit. Therefore, when raising flowers, they also had some choices and appropriate products.
After my parents moved away, my wife and I stayed in the original city to live in. We also joined the ranks of indoor flower breeders. This is not because we have a special interest in flower breeders, instead, it inherits the common living habits and rules of urban residents: no one who lives in the city does not raise a few pots of flowers indoors.
My wife raised a pot of crab clonorchid, which later developed from one pot to four pots. When flowers bloomed, the pot was full of red and red. All the people who came to my house praised her, which made my wife very proud.
I also want to choose a plant and put it in my study as my life partner in this small space, but no matter what I raise, I can’t get good results. Finally, A strain of aloe settled down on the windowsill with its back to the sunshine in this shabby room.
Once, my wife and I talked about planting flowers, which was an alternative “talking about heroes when cooking wine”. I said to my wife, “Our family will grow flowers. Our parents should be the first one, followed by you. However, I can only stay behind the dust!” The wife nodded and smiled, and replied with six words: “This theory is fair!”
The Aloe I raised has no flowers and fruits, and even has no ornamental value. Its greatest advantage is that it is extremely drought-resistant without care, and it has green onions without watering for many days. Moreover, its leaves have the function of anti-inflammation, there is a wound on my body, and I apply a little juice to get amazing effects. I regard it as a green medicine box. To be honest, I really cannot leave it.

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