The sunny and snowy sky looks extraordinarily blue

2020年4月14日   |   by 科姆龙

with the chilly winter snow awakening the tenderness of the spring. The water drops of snowflakes melting constantly dripping from the eaves are very lively, just like a moving concert. These moist water drops are gradually waking up the sleeping earth. Will the long-awaited spring day be far away?
When all the Chinese people were struggling for this war without smoke of gunpowder and marching forward bravely, we ordinary human beings could only stick to the firm belief in our hearts and believe that we could defeat this factory battle. Many people gather their own power in this silent moment. Waiting for the moment of breakthrough, as long as we are united, Victory must belong to us. Cheer up, pray and believe.
Although time has infinite changes, those sincerity always make us feel warm. This sudden “hurt” makes us know more about what is treasure. Cherish the people around us, the freedom we truly have, cherish the charm of those romantic things and all kinds of things we meet, which will become the motivation for us to move forward bravely.
I still remember that at this time last year, I had not married Mr. Cao. At that time, I always felt that we didn’t have enough time together, and any opportunity to meet was particularly precious for us. Now we can be together all the time, and that kind of warmth is the time I always want to have.

Once upon a time, I was always acting recklessly and playing willfully, which was just normal. However, the feeling of loneliness would still leave a trace in my heart as shallow as never heard of. No one knew it, but I knew it very well. Until I met Mr. Cao, he indulged me in playing and understood everything about me thoughtfully. Tolerance gradually made me become gentle.
Tenderness is an adjective that I never thought would appear on me. However, I prefer the gentle and water-like state of mind, as if I would meet my true self. Many people have never known what they really want all their lives. How pathetic is it? Life is certainly strange, but I am still lovely!
I, who had not read for a long time, seemed to be entangled by the common customs in the world all the time, and my heart could not calm down. I could only express my emotions with words as if I could find a moment of peace. If you say something that can make the hot and dry heart cool gradually, don’t feel the temperature of words before you can cure that restlessness!
Words, in people’s eyes, are just things of communication, but in my eyes, its unique charm can always make the heart calm, the feeling stable, Xu Ning. So wonderful, how can I not be moved?
When it comes to words, it doesn’t Jue Ran people think of its unique charm. Words are undoubtedly one of the best ways to show those beautiful and touching love words, those vivid epiphany and those feelings from the heart. Whenever my heart is not calm, I always want to see the world formed by those wonderful words, which will fill up the empty heart slowly. Wouldn’t it be Miao Zai!
Thoughts are always unconstrained and unconstrained, which makes people feel ridiculous. But with the appearance of words, those unconstrained thoughts are plated with beautiful coats, which are fascinating and wonderful! Love, should not only have a passion, but also should stick to it, shouldn’t it? Since you love words, enjoy the world made up of words and experience the bitterness and bitterness brought by those words!

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