Coffee floats in the coarse tea, red beans in the salt bowl open the river

2020年4月15日   |   by 科姆龙

The city is like a watermelon growing on the soil of a roof, time is like the wind and cloud of a pumpkin born at a big intersection, the world blooms like sesame, and it rises on the high mountain of life.
People who had eaten watermelons moved into high-rise buildings to bear the stairs they reached. People who grow pumpkins, with chopsticks of time, taste the scenery in the countryside. People who have Sesame, walk the Kingdom of change, and achieve valuable lights.
Career is the connotation of work, giving is a good sign of harvest, choosing is the bloom of Palm, management is good luck of all kinds, reality spreads its wings in the direction, and insists on soaring confidence in hope.
He grasped today’s hospitality with a glance, and devoted himself to the value of morning and evening. The traffic was so crowded that he set off the tide at the fireworks entrance of the city. The crowd was rushing to the trend on the way to the city, and people came and went to lead kites in the field of scenery, high-rise buildings start in the ordinary life has a sharp edge.
fruits in the treetops in spring are red all over the sky, stories in the stars in summer are popular all over the sky, and the roof in autumn is over the harbor, the winter Xuemei Tao covered the couplets.
The vision in my arms looks at the logic, the love and freedom in my thoughts go back and forth to make reasoning. There are three lines of rice moving on the tuyere and tasting the history of five flavors in the cloud. There is a prospect of vitality in the front and a later encounter.
The city was not big. When I turned around, I saw the kite in the alley. The city was not small, so I turned around and missed the butterfly in my memory.
The city holds millions of worlds in the pace of life, and lives in the world of soul with thousands of thoughts. The Earth is in Teng Vine, the wind and cloud are shuttling through the road, and the flowers bloom in the plain land of the mountain.
The reality that is pushed away now hides the power of accumulation. The beauty of the existence of reality lurks the leisure of patience. The interesting world of life is active. The distance of life is wealth and treasure.
One person has a circle of time, one person has a journey of time, one person has lost all the way, one person has a clear sky.
The city is like a dynamic situation where tomatoes grow on the roofs. The East and West geese are red through time, and the Phoenix Eagles are red all over the North and South. The reality is like a piece of cheese, and the fragrance comes from south to north along the roads and paths, the fragrance lies in the vast sea and sky with east wind and West clouds.
The world is also changing in one second, and life is also turning left and right in one minute. Nature is regular and cannot be separated from photography given by the world. There is a natural appearance in the world and time and rhythm cannot be separated from it.
The world intertwined in the east and west of the city and the reality of life shuttling back and forth.

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