Outside the apricot curtain, the East Wind is soft, inside the curtain apricot curtain

2020年4月15日   |   by 科姆龙

outside the wind. The east wind deliberately uncovers the curtain. It turned out to be the spring breeze coming!
Unconsciously, spring has come. Warm sunshine, shallow time and soft spring breeze lead me to look for the fun of spring. Soon, apricot blossoms are about to bloom. I am happy and looking forward to it in this season of apricot Bud to be released!
I suddenly felt that how could this picture be so familiar! Oh, yes, this is the scene, of course you will run out uneasily, maybe I am afraid that I will forget you!
From the day we met you, we have never been absent on this important day. However, as time goes by, we also grow up and have responsibilities. Therefore, many things are involuntary. Therefore, you are absent this year and cannot keep an appointment with me.
I vaguely saw two exquisite girls wandering carefree in the Palace of the campus. We skipped classes together and specially came to this apricot forest to look for a world belonging to us.
We made hats with grass branches, embellished them with apricot flowers, and put them on each other, as if they were the most beautiful girls; We folded the apricot branches together, took them home, and inserted them into the vase, it was like that we moved to our home in the whole spring; We made a devout wish under the apricot tree, hoping to be a pair of good sisters forever. It was like that as long as we were sincere, God would certainly help us fulfill our wish.
Yes, and that sweet well water. It’s hard to bear the hot summer, and it’s hard to concentrate on listening to the class and studying. I’m afraid of the heat. After complaining to you, you will soon have a good idea. We came to the Xinghua forest together to look for the second prescription to relieve summer heat. Hao Ba, I admit that I have never drunk such cool and sweet “well water”, especially in hot summer. There are many fruits I like near the well water. I am as happy and curious as I found the new world.
We wander in the apricot forest like a heavenly maid scattering flowers, guarding the secret garden that only belongs to us. In that year, the face and apricot blossoms were correspondingly appropriate; At that time, friendship, sincerity and deep-rooted; There, scenery and soil were fragrant ten miles away; At that moment, promises and agreements were everlasting.
On the road of youth, you have never been absent. Like the Wind, like the catkin, inseparable; Like the fish, like the water, never leave; Like the mountain, Ru Mu, interdependent; Ru Hua, flowers and plants, add spring to each other.
Flowers on the other bank, flowers bloom Ye Wei, leaves bloom has fallen, flowers and leaves never see, doomed to have no fruit. Therefore, I don’t like bianhua. When I am confused in this fruitless fate, you will wipe away the tears on my face, gently pull my hand, throw away the other flower in my hand, and say to me with a smile; what’s good about bianhua? I am the sunflower that really belongs to you. If your heart is towards me, He Wei sadness?
Two years apart, I miss it very much. Therefore, I trekked for thousands of miles, fearless of thousands of rivers and mountains, only because you are across the landscape.
Warm Sun cooperated, and wind tian hua. We took a boat on the water, looking for a delicious food, looking for a clean land, and narrating our love. Tell me about the love of parting, talk about the fun of life, talk about all kinds of things today, and sing songs belonging to us. No image, no temper, no care about the weird eyes around. Although it is the simplest thing, it is also the most comfortable and sincere thing.
It turns out that the most beautiful sentences seem pale and weak in front of the most true love. Please forgive me, although this friendship is common in the world, I can’t describe it in words. Please forgive me, if this friendship can be expressed in words, it will be my vulgarity.
This friendship always accompanies you in the deepest part of your heart and gives you warmth and beauty silently. Always give you strength and hope with your initial attitude when you are most helpless and lost!
Occasionally, it will walk in your body, at that moment, your nerves are touched, blood circulation is faster, the body is full of temperature, the heart is full of touch, the whole body, the whole heart is filled. And the beauty of the world is just like this! Simple but precious!
In the apricot tree, under the apricot tree, I miss you again……

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