Twelve years, a round of years passed silently with a flick of his finger.

2020年4月15日   |   by 科姆龙

Twelve years have passed, some people have gone, some are old, and some have become mature and melancholy.
Another Valentine’s Day, I came to the Stone Bridge again to review my old dream. The stone bridge was still standing on the water quietly, but the water flow reflected me more slowly behind the bridge, feeling lonely and sad.
I remember that Valentine’s Day seemed not too cold. I got a call from my father when I was about to get off work in the morning, saying that my cousin’s sister introduced a colleague to me. After returning home, I changed into a suit of clothes, washed my face, and set off in my uncle’s car which had been waiting for a long time. My father gave 400 yuan, and my mother secretly gave 600 yuan. In fact, I also prepared 200 yuan. Uncle Tang said to buy a bag of candy first. Although he thought he should buy something else, he didn’t know what to buy, so he went directly.
After picking up my cousin, we went directly to the stone bridge of Houhe. I went there alone and grabbed a few candies. At the distance of 200 meters, I was in a sudden and straight mood. Maybe it was because I had not eaten yet. Otherwise, I really couldn’t remember that there were other reasons. Smoke out a cigarette and light it up. I just feel that I can pretend to be calm temporarily. In order to prevent the girl from waiting for a long time, I pinched the cigarette directly, but it is impossible to run there directly.
The wheat seedlings around were green, shining with bright sunshine, and a little dizzy. The river was flickering and flowing happily. The machines watering the ground in the distance were all ringing, and the soft smell of soil faded out from the ground. I felt my head was wooden and a little dull, especially my chest was stuffy, so I simply pulled the zipper of the down jacket and wanted to take it off. However, I vaguely saw the girl in green dress leaning on the guardrail, long hair and waist were floating in the slightly cool river breeze and the slightly hot spring breeze, and the hair was a little charming and messy on the delicate face.
Looking around with a guilty conscience, there was no outsider around the river bridge. I don’t know why the hanging heart suddenly relaxed. The girl is too tall to look up a little when wearing flat shoes. Now standing at the base of the guardrail, what she can see is the slender waist of the fairy. The lower abdomen is as thin as paper, too thin, and I secretly evaluate the first impression in my heart. Suddenly the nerve got stuck in the shell. They were together, and no one spoke. Fortunately, the spring breeze was warm and warm with the smell of resin oil. The girl seemed to have the smell of bath lotion and the stimulating smell of shampoo when I came to wash my hair, the smell of facial cleanser in the neck also sweats out. It suddenly occurred to me that my mother taught me the matters needing attention when the blind date came, so I quickly stuffed a piece of sugar with the girl.
The south wind was blowing on her face, and the girl was still leaning against the railing. On her shy face with melon seeds, her hair was still naughty and unruly, so she lifted it away. The sun was shining on my forehead, and suddenly I was a little intoxicated. I didn’t want to talk or listen to the Willows on both sides of the Strait blown by the slightly bowed wind, I also don’t want to see the wheat wave coming towards the ridge under my feet.

Why do Westerners call it Valentine’s Day? The way to blind date is a little awkward and seems to have a little heart knot. Lovers are not serious, bad, only knowing the moment standing under the guardrail did they realize that lovers are the flames of love.
Your love burns my heart like a flame, which makes my pride nowhere to escape. The Iraqi stand on the bridge. I have too many love secrets. No matter from books or hearsay, I am too lazy to use them at this moment.
The person I love, against the waves of broken gold and silver under the bridge, the sun is young, bright and lovely. At this moment, I was thinking, what is love at first sight, maybe when four eyes are opposite, the yearning for beautiful love and the romance of holding your hand and growing old together suddenly emerged!

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