everything is as old as the past, except that the world lacks one you.

2020年4月15日   |   by 科姆龙

This should be our best ending and the final ending……
When I still love you, I chose to leave…… If love is going to die in the end, why not leave some colorful memories for this gray love? Even if the memory is painful, it is a story forgotten by tears. This time, I was very calm. The wind passed through the world, raising my sorrow.
Going around, after all, we still have to bid farewell. The love that we desperately pursue becomes the pain of the heart after your indifference again and again. I have loved you deeply, and I have been wandering for you. You have loved me, and you have taken pains for me. However, love is not simple, neither are we. You are a bird living in a cage. You are always busy. My ardent hope can’t be exchanged for a warm-hearted word. I am always waiting, waiting for you to have a good meal, waiting for you to do good things, giving some short leisure time to me, for our love. Sometimes if you can’t say a few words, you have to rest. I don’t deny all the good actions you have done for me, but I can’t violate your will to hurt me. How many times of recombination, because I still coveted a little hope for you, but I got nothing except the pain of self-deception.
You said that you don’t want such a life of separation and integration every day. Do I like being hurt by you all the time? Those who really love you will try every means to treat you well, but more often, what I meet is your thousands of reasons. You always use a busy word to dispel all my warmth. I wait for your information, wait for crying, wait for meeting, wait for silence, loneliness and melancholy……
I just hope to spend more time with you and be as warm as a normal couple, but you say you don’t want me to come to you. I want to see you as soon as I have time, as soon as I have a holiday, I will arrange to visit you, but I am really exhausted except for the grievance and pursuit of perfection. Your unrequited love and your self-care behavior really make me feel cold……
It is not easy to meet the person who can be moved in the vast sea of people, but it is fate to meet a person who makes you black and blue all over. Fate is hard to defeat. I give up this marathon. Thanks for the memory given by time, I am very calm now. Despair actually makes people relaxed. Such a feeling of relief is really good.
Our future time does not belong to each other. May we all meet a proper person in the future…… The wind passes through the world, the past goes with the wind

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