This season of the year before last

2020年4月15日   |   by 科姆龙

I always remember that it was the first winter I came to this city. It was the first time in 19 years that I left home thousands of miles away. There were no relatives or friends around me. I was not sad, because I knew that I was starting a real life alone, and I was walking the road that a person should take.
Stepping into the door of youth, I am a person who does not know worldly stories. I tried hard to design the future path for myself with my unintelligent mind. Reality is a practice field, which can help you take off and make you die. Through the Ages, many charming fantasies have been knocked apart by the reality. Of course, there are yours, his and mine.
I ran in the bitter season, I walked through the strange crowd, and I had a strong desire for all the beautiful things in the world. In order to pursue these, I once lost myself, maybe it was a kind of confusion. During that period of time, I lived in disguise and couldn’t see a real sky for a long time. I felt sad unexpectedly. I doubted whether I had a real life and whether I also existed.
In the twenty-three years of life, sadness and joy were mixed, falling down and standing up were the same, but I always insisted that even though I was exhausted and scarred, I still maintained my unique personality. Because I know that life is not easy. What is easy is decadence and death. However, a person who is unwilling to be ordinary will not allow himself to stay in this situation for a long time. Even if he falls into darkness and falls into the mire occasionally, he will struggle and climb up.
Life is the heaven and earth where we cultivate our youth, and ideal is the belief we still insist on. People are born with desires, strong desires, strong and powerful, so as to reach a state of life. Maybe you will say that this state is the shore that is hard to reach in your life, but it is because of this that you have the meaning of life and life. Life is a lifetime, grass and trees are a spring, what kind of life is worthy of being born? What kind of life can lead to death without regret? We have been asking and doing it. Until today, we still can’t give a perfect answer, because this itself is incomprehensible. We only know better, better, and unremitting pursuit.
I once asked myself whether I had a clear conscience in the past twenty years. Looking back on the past, it seems that this question has been there. The reason why people are human beings is not only that they have thoughts, but also that they have pursuits and strive to realize them.
I saw people like me rippling in the Rivers of Time. Looking back, the wilderness of memory was full of desire. No matter how difficult life is, please stick to it; No matter how dangerous the years are, please keep on the road. There will be another scenery in your life.

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