After graduating from college, I worked in a remote rural minority complete middle

2020年4月15日   |   by 科姆龙

school for more than ten years. In the second year when I arrived at school, the school transferred my dormitory. From a 50 or 60 s blue brick spire house in the westernmost part of the school to a spacious red brick bungalow in the central courtyard of the school. The happiest thing is that a bauhinia is planted in front of every room in this yard.
When it comes to spring, purple red flowers, cluster by cluster on the old branches and trunk, bright clouds, attract the bees buzzing and screaming. If the weather is good and not damaged by wind and rain, the flowering period can last for nearly two months. The sparse and tilted trunk covered with purple red flowers reflects each other with the gradually Green Holly under the tree, which is full of endless spring. Every day, students of different grades come to our yard. No matter boys or girls, they always wait and see under the tree and stop for a while, then they reluctantly move their eyes into the room to talk.
On weekends when you don’t go home, put a small table under the tree for tea tasting and reading! The worst is to correct students’ homework or test papers.
This beautiful Bauhinia tree witnessed that I became the backbone of school teaching and the middle-level power in charge of a job from a newcomer who just entered the workplace.
Later, he got married and got married, and had a son. His son used to babble under the tree, took his crooked steps under the tree, wrote his 1+1 and his a under the tree, o,e.
But no matter how long the flowering period is, there are also times when flowers fall. Due to the change of the overall educational pattern, the remote location of the school, and the nature of the school’s minority education, this former key middle school finally could not be established. It’s time for all of us to say goodbye to everything here.
In that severe winter, standing under the bare Bauhinia tree, my eyes were sore and swollen, and my brain could hardly think. The sparse and sloping branches of Bauhinia were shaking in the chilly wind, making a sad sigh. I turned around, firmly held up my heart and never went away. I couldn’t bear to turn back. I couldn’t turn back!
Between my fingers, I have been away from the beautiful Bauhinia for more than ten years. But whenever the winter and summer vacation is coming to an end, I always dream of my Bauhinia tree, and the dormitory with Bauhinia blooming in front of my door is preparing for the school. This dream appeared again and again, which made me daze for a long time when I woke up.
On one day of the National Day last year, I was wandering in a shop with “Da Song Ding porcelain” hanging on my forehead in the city. Unexpectedly, I was told my previous experience accurately. Because the shop owner was a student of my period, although I couldn’t name him. In the following chat, the valve of memory suddenly opened, so many trivial things rushed out.

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