Rape flowers bloom spring breeze crossing South.

2020年4月15日   |   by 科姆龙

Maybe the severe winter is too cold. Rape flowers this year are blooming more brightly and brightly than in previous years. It seems that I want to send Spring to the people at home as early as possible to send warm smell and fragrance.
She conveys the spring. Before the grass sprouted, she was ready to let go; As long as there was a wisp of spring breeze, she would be full of hills. One bunch, one after another, you chase me, for fear that you are too late. Perhaps it was this unusual spring that aroused the stubbornness of rape flowers not afraid of the cold. She walked through the suffocating cold blockade from winter, sending the warmth of the spring breeze.
She dressed up in spring. When Green just appeared, she embellished the appearance of spring. From the first bud opening to the whole plain field turning into the Huang Yanyan sea of flowers, the whole south of the Yangtze River seems to be covered by this yellow ocean and dyed by the fragrance of flowers. Beside the stream, in the Ridge and on the hill, there are the sea of flowers and the world of flowers everywhere. She covered the green leaves, lit the spring, awakened the spring, and decorated the spring season in her own way.
She watched the spring. Although the disease prevented people from enjoying the flowers in spring, and the Rape Flower Tourism Festival was suspended due to the need of epidemic prevention and control in this spring, it could not prevent the pace of rape blossom, not to mention the romance of bees kissing flowers. Flocks of bees “buzzing” to fly on the sea of flowers all day long, sucking the stamens desperately and playing on the petals. They left and came, came and left, never saying tired. They are sharing the fragrance of flowers, the breath of spring and the joy of diligence. It is believed that this year bee farmers must be another harvest spring. Rape flowers and flocks of bees are watching this spring, embellishing the green of the Earth.
She achieved the realm of art. Tian Yeli. On the Hill and in the yellow ocean, I saw several photographers with masks from time to time, carrying cameras and flashing the spotlight, recording this unusual season and freezing the unusual sea of flowers, let the image bring comfort to people at home. Three or five cameraman are also communicating with the sea of flowers and flocks of bees with spirit, trying to shoot the most artistic materials and feature films with this unusual picture, so that people can appreciate the real world and the realm of art.
Rape flowers bloom in spring. Rape flowers bloom Gangnam into flowers. Rape flowers bloom to write the spring, rape flowers bloom to compose the spring music, rape flowers bloom to write the spring words. Spring has come, and the spring cannot be closed. Rape flower, with her own will, declares that spring has completely defeated the cold winter, declares the theme of spring and sings the melody of spring; She uses her own way together with the green of the earth, dress up the spring, write the love of spring, and depict the intoxicating beautiful picture of spring breeze; With her own charm, she exudes the refreshing fragrance, bringing people the dreamy romance.

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