The north wind is cold, yellow leaves are scattered and weeds are scattered.

2020年4月15日   |   by 科姆龙

The world gradually becomes lonely and boundless. Only plum blossoms stand proudly on the branches, and the fragrance is light, bringing a little gentleness to the hurried people. At this time, what new plans will happen to the changing time? Is it misty rain? Or snow flies? Or the long-lost sunshine?
I always think that happiness should be simple, quiet and pleasant. It’s just like a common thing. There is no agreement, but it is already common. There is no need to deliberately, but it has already become a scene. Just like on a cold winter night, a family surrounded the stove, with a few small dishes and a few small glasses of wine. Then they could greet each other, pushing a cup for another one, and smiling.
The world of mortals is rolling, the clouds are swaying, the fate comes and goes, or pass by, or meet thousands of miles, or never know each other, no one can say for sure, nor can they guess. The sight of looking at each other always blurs the sight in the night of changing wind and rain. The heart of forgetting each other is always flying at random in the days when snowflakes are floating. These seem to be crystal clear like snow, which makes people unable to move away.
We always come and go in a hurry, but we don’t know what kind of attitude we should take to enjoy the beautiful scenery in the world. We thought ourselves firm and persistent, looking at the White and flawless clouds, but we didn’t know what to do!
In the cold winter, there will also be concerns. It is quiet and eager, like the bare branches in winter, it will certainly have some yearning, even if the Four Seasons change constantly and change a lot, it still hope years static, sunny, with spring flowers blossoming.
Years of wind, Frost, rain and snow, condensed into a string of ideological words, with blue light, ink painting floating, flowing in the body and mind. Thinking calmly, some hustle and bustle in the world can also be ignored, and some fragments can also be ignored. Take or not, you can do whatever you want, as long as you are willing, not vulgar, not bad.
Standing on the edge of winter, looking back and looking out, the past clouds and smoke drifted into rain, and the prosperity gradually fell, then disappeared, and the honor and disgrace were just a smile. Along the way, we don’t have to go through a lot, only one thought is still in our heart, floating between our eyebrows, just like a pot of red fire, which has not been away for a long time and warms me.
With concern, there is a world. What else can we expect? Pick up the pen of time, depict the fleeting time, and drop between the lines. A piece of plain paper, simple words leaping, flowing with the sorrow of warmth and coldness in the journey. Gently slide, gently slide, blooming softly, showing different gentleness.
Life is short, time is clear and shallow, a journey of wind and rain is drifting all the way, a journey of blessing is engraved all the way. I tried my best to write down Qinghuan, only for years later, it still exudes warm and simple fragrance. How wonderful it is! When we look back, we will still feel excited. I and you like this are also very beautiful!
Fate is as light as the wind, coming and leaving in a hurry. Whether it’s entanglement or nostalgia, turn around and never go through it, no longer ask or think about it.
In the warm years, the Fang Hua and the plain shadow of the car, the eyes are blurred and permeated with the body and mind. Time goes by. Looking back after many years, it is enough that you are here and I am there.
Quiet time, quiet time. In the window, there was a piece of paper, a cup of tea, a yellow lamp, an old pen and a small book. Outside the window, there are blue sky, white moon and light plum fragrance, gently and curly.

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