She missed the time and her, and failed to live up to her infatuation and sincerity.

2020年4月15日   |   by 科姆龙

A good man never waits for his old friend to return, and he feels absurd in a dream of time. From then on, I couldn’t get close to her, and she also had her home. Original ridiculous human own, have when didn’t cherish, cherish when is much transformed. The sadness brewed by myself makes me slowly experience and confess for the past.
I am the one who doesn’t understand love, and I am the most ignorant person. For those who have loved me, I don’t know how to cherish them, and I don’t know how to retain them. When they left, I kept recalling. It turned out that he was the most confused person, and let a period of marriage leave from him. It is also a marriage that I don’t know how to cherish. I was wrong. I missed Nianhua and her.
I didn’t take good care of those who should belong to me. Endless Sorrow surrounded me, and the sadness in my heart made me tremble. I should have been happy, but because of my cowardice and cowardice, because of my ignorance and self-righteousness, I am now in a mess.
I was wrong late. The person who loves me has gone away, and it is no longer possible. The confession is delayed for a lifetime, and the marriage is fleeting. I hope that those who read this article will cherish the good people around them as soon as possible and do not let themselves regret.
I said late at night that I was sad and bought for the past. I suffered from vicissitudes of life. It turns out that vicissitudes of life are all caused by oneself and brewed by oneself. Of course, the world is unpredictable, and the fault is even more unpredictable. What will happen in the future? How has it stopped. I know what I lose is life and what I get is luck, but I feel unwilling.
A slow step is a lifetime, and a lifetime is too far away. It was easy that year, but now it is bleak. I think I am also poor, ignorant and too late. The same marriage, similar person, I unexpectedly lost it again. Original not no chance, blame then total think doesn’t matter.
She couldn’t catch her time, and she couldn’t keep her. Regret surrounds me. I accept regret and accept all dissatisfaction. I seem to know a lot, but actually I am just an ordinary person, who will lose, be self-righteous, be sad, cry and regret.

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