Struggling between confusion and wakefulness

2020年4月15日   |   by 科姆龙

what we seek is only a quiet happiness. There was sunshine and a gentle breeze, quietly comforting the posture of not disturbing, blowing the thin hair on the forehead and charming sleepy eyes.
The warm air must be the fragrance of your lover. Along the long road, you can’t tell whether it is the arrangement of fate or the future.
Sometimes, Enron’s acceptance comes more happiness than everything else. Looking for a hard job is just a person’s unwillingness to the past. We should all believe that what you need will wait there intact and give you a long-lost hug.
In youth, it is inevitable that one person will not be moved by another person, and then do many stupid things. Or pursue all the way, or throw all your heart. It seems that after missing it, the road ahead can no longer move on. However, don’t blame that heart of love for mistake. The young heart, with a little more concern, leaves the dream of the story, so it will not be so boring.
In the late spring season, looking back at the road we had walked, the gentle raindrops and the sound falling on the Earth must be the hymn of youth.
All the past there was soaked in white by rain and forgotten by time, which had already polished the original appearance. What presented to the eyes was just an ordinary smiling face without too much sadness, there are not many regretful stories.
The quiet time only leaves some pictures that you don’t want to forget and a few words that appear unintentionally, trying to build a complete page. But the innocent smiling face can no longer hold a simple name.
You will never think that one day, the unforgettable person you love will quit your life. However, you forget that life is impermanent, how can you ask everyone to go with you all the way. Whether it will suddenly happen, not all love can be broken, not all lovesickness can be eternal. Don’t forget, it is the merciful attachment of time.
One day, you see a picture, which seems to have been here before, but it is so strange. Try to find someone you know in the old photo album, only to find that you don’t remember it, even if you have been so infatuated to love or even loved.
We are slaves of time, thinking that we can still see familiar dreams when we run far away, while those dreams that we think we have left unconsciously follow the annual rings of life. Always quietly, they walked out of their lives in a hurry. They were neither astonishing nor flaunting.
Sometimes, I can’t help asking what kind of story happened and changed everything so strangely. Only in this way can one person be willing to accompany another, read a poem and enjoy a cup of tea quietly in the yard full of flowers.
We may never forget the past, but most of the time, we choose to put it deep in our hearts and don’t often ask why. I am willing to accept my own ordinary, and then move forward for a lamp in the distance.

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