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2020年4月15日   |   by 科姆龙

Once, I thought waiting was a great thing. Now, I deeply realize that waiting is the stupidest behavior in the world.
Once upon a time, I saw Yang Guo waiting for the little dragon girl for 16 years, and the ending was very happy, which could accompany a lot of tears. I always feel that this is the only way to prove that love is great.
However, we have ignored a reality. If the little dragon girl really went far away, not the bottom of the love. Who can guarantee that no one can walk into the heart of Little Dragon Girl in 16 years. No matter you like it or you love it, you can’t resist the devastation of time after all.
There is nothing that can not be polished by it. The little dragon lady was at the bottom of the Valley of extreme love, and no one came into her world, and she was with bees all day long. She drank water when she was thirsty, ate fish and honey when she was hungry, and planted flowers all over the floor. In addition, she was born in an ancient tomb school and had a weak temperament, so she passed away slowly.
However, in today’s era of electronic media, how can we be honest and have no desire. Love is more and more casual, and the separation and reunion of life is more and more.
You don’t even have time to think about what it is. In a twinkling of an eye, people around you change one after another. Therefore, we only have separation and reunion, and no joys and sorrows.
Antique with Changting farewell, picking up a teaser, today don’t have to send-off, don’t have to picking up a teaser. A word “quick” ended all the relationships ruthlessly, quickly and accurately.
People who can wait, on the contrary, become an alternative.
The waiting days are beautiful and painful. Because you don’t know how far away you are, everything you know depends on fantasy, so it is beautiful; What you expect, you don’t know when is the end, don’t know what the end is, so suffering.
Of course, not everyone can’t wait.
If you are young and have no burden of supporting your family, you will have concerns about getting married and establishing a career. Then why not wait? The days and time waiting, though hard, can hone your will and determination. Two years or three years is not long, you can finally receive the beauty of waiting and the joy of meeting.
However, don’t stand still to wait for someone. Otherwise, what you like, in your unconsciously waiting, you have no qualification to have her.
In the process of waiting for the little dragon girl, Yang Guo worked hard and broke out the name of the God carving hero.
A person must keep a kind nature, but he cannot live on kindness after all. If you take waiting as all, you will lose it even if you wait. Because your waiting is worthless, your gentleness of achieving nothing can warm a heart for a moment, but can not shine on a person’s life.
If you have passed the age of living for love and dying for love, please don’t wait for anyone. You can believe that there is love in the world, but you can’t believe it, waiting for a person’s sincerity.
Different people think in different ways and methods. A college student’s longing for love and future life is completely different from a person who has been honed by society for a long time. The former firmly believes in love, while the latter does not necessarily believe it.
Two people, no one is right. She is with you for love and appreciation. She may love, but may not choose you.
The choice of adults is the best premeditated answer. You may disagree, but you cannot say it is wrong.
No matter who, no one has the right to interfere with a person’s freedom and choice. Whether you wait or not depends on your personal will. However, no matter what the future outcome is, you have no right to go back on your word. Whether it is a good or a bad ending, you must face it calmly and accept it gladly.
There is no happiness and warmth waiting for in the world. If you can, don’t try to wait, waiting is the stupidest behavior in the world.

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