Looking back in the middle of life, how many lonely sails have become you,

2020年4月15日   |   by 科姆龙

me and him; How many past events have Sui Yan gone away, following the rain, following the wind and following the dust. When did we begin to have to embarrass ourselves? When do we start to stop laughing casually? We begin to think that it is too difficult and too difficult for a person to live a lifetime. With the training of life, we become more serious.
One day when I saw a sentence, I was so busy. A short sentence, more than ten words, took away my whole heart and my thoughts were disordered. Speaking of this, maybe you are also curious. Then let me use this product, drink it, drink it, and speak it out with the mouth of 23 years of vicissitudes in the world-this life can be happy, but don’t be sad. I think I have such a reaction. Maybe it is because of the twenty-three years’ life that I have been touched by the difficulties of life and the sufferings of life.
Life is like a flash of fireworks, fleeting, and also like a meteor, disappearing in the dark. But we don’t have to feel sad and sorry for the fireworks and meteors, because the fireworks have been brilliant and the meteors have been dazzling. And what about us? However, we have to reflect that human life is also short. Can we be so glorious and dazzling? For a moment, I didn’t know how to answer myself.
But I understand that it is meaningful for me to be born here. I came here for something, for some people, maybe it was the last unfinished wish, the unfinished feeling, maybe it was all new things starting from today, this is the fate to be interrupted or not. I was born here, which shows that I also agree with this fate, so I began to analyze life and read to understand.
In fact, I have been living very tired. No matter what method I use, I can’t hide my complicated heart. I deeply know the heaviness, helplessness and contradiction behind it. I once sighed helplessly: Flowers are similar every year, and people are different every year. The journey was long and windy, Shuang Xue, it was really hard and tiring to walk alone. But as an adult, I have to learn to swallow all the pain by myself. I try my best to conceal it in front of others, and I feel sad alone behind others. And I can live like this now, because I have ideals and desires in my heart.
A person does not ask for great achievements in his whole life, but asks for a clear conscience and no regrets. Looking back in the middle of life, how many lonely sails have become you, me and him. You, me and him, who used to work hard one by one, are still on the way to dream, I, he.

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