Winter is over, and the real spring is still on the distant Road.

2020年4月15日   |   by 科姆龙

It is at such a time that I choose to stroll in Nanshan Mountain. I haven’t been here for a long time. Busy is an excuse, and laziness is the real reason. Then put down your phone and go to Nanshan!
This mountain standing upright at the southern end of the city is not surprising, just like the mountains on countless loess plateau, so ordinary that it doesn’t even have its own name, people can only rely on its location, habitually call it Nanshan. In recent years, the plants planted artificially have gradually risen, providing people with rich and comfortable strolling and recreation. Therefore, it is no longer lonely, and there are always countless steps all the year round.
Picking up the stairs, the withered Artemisia grass under the trees on both sides of the forest was mixed with branches and leaves, which were densely and tightly stuck to the land; The gray-brown strong branches of the unknown wild flowers stood tenaciously, carrying the empty shell of the seeds that had been bounced off. Looking at the gray area from a distance and integrating with the land, it is difficult to identify their voice and content. On the hillside and in the flat ground, apricot trees, cypress trees, pine trees, weeping willows, locust trees, acacia, and many unnamed trees are either high or low, or fat or, both the early ones and the newly-planted ones were hooked up, pushed and shoved by you, crowded together, shivering in the cold wind.
The seven-turn and eight-turn steps lead people to the top of the mountain. Looking back, the outline of the city gradually becomes clear. The tall buildings in the Lin Li reflect the low dwellings. The new building is towering into the clouds, dignified and straight, with clusters and clusters absorbing the mist of Xian Yun, swallowing colorful streamer, full of passion and arrogance; Looking back at the low buildings and houses that have been far away for a long time, it seemed that he was a sleepy old woman leaning against the sunset with his head down. He experienced vicissitudes of life, read worldly stories, was stubborn and arrogant, and was incompatible with the trend of the times. At present, the dialogue between modern and traditional, the confrontation between fashion and old style are staged in this city. The roads intertwined vertically and horizontally comb out the pattern of the city, and flow busy and crowded. The four mountains are as towering as a barrier, closing the extension of the city, leaving only three exits to the north, south and west, and embracing the civilization and wisdom of human beings in their arms like stretching arms.
Mountains are connected and layers of mist disappear in the boundless sky. It was among the numerous folds of the mountain that countless primitive villages scattered, quietly Jing Shou peace with nature and living with a lot of secrets. But the parents living in cities there, no matter how well-developed, beautiful, glorious and glorious you are, you will have an unbreakable love relationship with the countryside in several generations, genes in rural areas can still be found in the flowing blood. The countryside is always the rear area of the city. It is the flexibility and tenacity of the unknown rear area that makes the city vigorous and high-spirited. However, it has to be said that with the development of history to this day, our countryside has been too silent and old to do anything. From rural supporting cities to industry feeding agriculture back, for many years, actually the leverage between contribution and demand is still unbalanced. In the past, goods and materials are now productive forces, the countryside is continuously conveying wisdom to the city and abruptly supporting the prosperity and richness of the city with its own weak body. I have been working on poverty alleviation and poverty reduction for many years, and I have been working on empty and lonely villages one by one. However, history is rolling forward in the process of constantly summarizing and accumulating experience, and the process of development and rising is always spiral. The countryside is moving forward in a different way, which is outdated rather than backward, think about how the rural areas with heavy loads can keep pace with the flying cities? So what is the starting point of the rural revitalization strategy now? That is the simultaneous development of people, connections and talents.
It took a long time to take back the idea of flying, and I felt at ease to browse the scenery. There is a four-storey attic not far from the place where I stand, with red walls and green tiles, cornices and corners, which is magnificent. Even if you stand in any corner of the city, you can see its majestic appearance. The wind chime hanging in the Four Corners was knocked by the cold wind, making a clear and sweet sound. If it weren’t for its lack of lingering Sanskrit sound and dazzling incense, people would not have compared it with all living creatures, persuading evil is linked from the Buddha hall of good. A big iron gate with a width of more than Zhang, with its iron lock hanging high, connected with it from beginning to end, surrounded by iron fences, rusty rattan hanging all over the body like a straw rope, under the feet of which there is a deep yellow hay wiping the knees, it is difficult to find the skeleton of this wall without looking carefully. The very wary fortification made me unable to get close to the attic, let alone climb its steps, so I couldn’t know which side of the emperor in the attic is sacred, what is the meaning of its solitary existence here? On the wall above the front door of the first floor, there is a huge forehead inlaid with red background and black edge, inside which is engraved with three golden characters “hanging table”. I suddenly had an epiphany, and vaguely felt that it seemed to have inextricable connections with two famous universities located at the foot of Nanshan Mountain and the small town. There is no need to climb high, just in the place where I stand, the whole picture of No. 1 Middle School and No. 1 Middle School in the East can be seen in a glance. “hanging on the table” is like a lighthouse, tirelessly illuminating the journey of Soul for countless students. It is these two institutions of higher learning that attract thousands of talented people to higher-level well-known institutions every year through their elaborate carving and polishing, the list may be named for this. Giving invisible spiritual sustenance to the tangible body has always been people’s habitual thinking, which has gone through thousands of years without fading and has its invisible philosophy, Destiny and coincidence, who can say love! A few years later, these students will learn to be rich and rich, and be full of knowledge. They will go to all directions and offer talents to all walks of life with their talents. If some of them returned to their hometown and sold their talents to the countryside, wouldn’t it solve the talent problem in the rural revitalization strategy? “Oh, ha ha”, I was dumbfounded because I had this idea.
Continue to walk forward, the steps disappear, and are replaced by the cement road extending from the other side of the mountain. This road goes forward along the serpentine shape of the ridge, and disappears at the end of the mountain forest. It is the transportation Road used to green the mountain, it is also a safe way for fire prevention and forest consolidation. After years of hard work, Nanshan Mountain has been covered with dense forests and lush grass, and the scenery is pleasant, but I walked into its arms at the most unsuitable time and could not feel its most beautiful side. Pine and cypress whose height is several Zhang is the owner of this place. All kinds of shrubs are attached to their bodies, fighting for the heaven and earth together. There are also exotic flowers and grass with unknown surnames from other places, which prosper the mountain together, tenaciously accept natural baptism in the cold and hot weather, and experience toughness and endurance. What is dedicated to human beings is always beauty. Spring is the fragrance of flowers, summer is the shade to avoid summer heat, autumn is the Red Leaf dyed forest, and winter is the tough bone beauty. Their biggest natural enemy was the merciless mountain fire, which destroyed Gula’s decadent disaster and reduced them to ashes. However, the big heart driving their source of life surged in the soil under their feet, in the coming year, there will be a new bud breaking through the soil, and a new life will be given to the nature again. The tenacity of life lies in this, which is really “the wildfire will never burn out, and the spring breeze will blow again and again”.
I went all the way to the depths of the mountain forest. The hustle and bustle of the city had gradually drifted away, and the birds were contending around my ears. I knew that I really belonged to nature. I continued to move forward, and the real countryside was clearly visible.
Go back! It’s getting late. Standing at the junction of the city and the village, I understand that the city is no longer the place I yearn for, and can the village have my quiet place?

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