The moment the head leaves the pillow, first look for the glasses to see the weather outside the window.

2020年4月15日   |   by 科姆龙

It snowed today. It was like a miracle, but it was unconsciously magical. It is not the first time to snow in warm spring, and I am not sure whether it is the last time of this year. It is normal to see nothing strange. In fact, there is not much magic in the world. What can impress people most must be the first experience.
No matter where the wind blows outside the window, grab the mobile phone, which is a very common and natural movement. At this moment, it makes me feel that it is a skill of God and skill, with a state of unity of man and nature. When did you develop this habit? It really started with communication equipment, such as pagers, mobile Unicom PHS, Motorola loquia and so on. All of a sudden, there were a lot of famous Information words, which made people feel numb and numb.
I still remember the story of calling that girl with 30 cents a minute in the public telephone booth, buying a right of speech with money, and eating ice cream with 50 cents after finishing the call. Squatting on the side of the road, watching the driving is like a catwalk show, watching passers-by is like enjoying the scenery, if it can attract one or two passing girls to look over, the song “Look at the girl on the opposite side” which is designated to be Ren Xianqi in your heart. The performance here is very wonderful. Please don’t pretend to ignore it. You will feel more energetic after eating ice cream. Seeing them go far away, there will be Li Chunbo “Loulan bride” in my heart. Ah ~ Loulan bride, the girl in my dream, where are you going? Don’t go too far. The journey is too long, cut off my dream.
Those who were able to have fun at that time are also having fun when recalling now. When thinking of the past, they turned around and became the people in the story. The most emotional time, the most fortunate thing is that we are still alive. We can count the stars tonight and watch the sunrise tomorrow. The people we haven’t met are all predestined people we have never met before. The places we are going to are all hometowns calling for our hearts.
Listening to a piece of music, I don’t know much about English. I can only use music to summarize this Indian song. The slow Indian style always gives me a feeling of laziness without lack of elegance, both dynamic and passionate, but not so fast. It is like a wide river flowing down from a tall mountain. It is not urgent to have a high mountain and a wide river. There is no need to worry that it will flow into a stream, or flow into a waterfall at the bottom of the canyon. I don’t know what kind of amorous feelings will be on the bank of the Indus River, and whether the leaves of the Ganges River Bodhi tree will attract people to see the Buddha nature.
There is no need to worry about the flying snow outside the window and the songs in the house. It is very comfortable to meet the scene. Open WeChat to let people see a speechless message. I woke up late enough, but the message was two hours before I woke up. The captain was my cousin. He said that he had to apply for a card today. He had to go to the town and credit cooperatives. He had to do this today. It seems that this is a dead order. I doubt that she didn’t see the snow? She replied a message to her willingly.
My cousin immediately said, “Well, hurry up to do it, thank you.” A word amused me again. I was never so polite when I met him at ordinary times, but the WeChat dialog box was very civilized. Seeing this sentence, I understood that she knew it was snowing today. Even if there was a knife in the sky, it had to go, let alone it was snowing. In addition, the above also gave her a death order, otherwise the reply to me would not be this sentence.
People who get used to the lazy bed have to wear clothes when they wake up, and they have a feeling of pain all over the body. Only then do they feel that it takes courage to get up. You have to find a reason. You must be lazy with a cigarette. After spitting a cigarette ring, a physics teacher suddenly appeared in his mind, whose teeth were not neat, his eyes were as bright as light bulbs, and he always wore a formal suit and combed a big back for class. I remember once he said, “management, I am in charge of you. If you don’t respond to me, how can I manage it.” This sentence reminds me of the captain Sister Tang who said thank you when we needed to cooperate with her. In fact, she was also very difficult. One should not only think about one’s own difficulties, but also consider others’ difficulties. Getting along well with each other means not being embarrassed. There is no omnipotent individual, I think everyone who has experienced the society knows this truth.
Wearing clothes, I thought of an old saying that I often heard when I was a child, “If a child is not diligent, he has to chop lazy tendons.”, When I was a child, the child was too lazy to beat him. The world of adults, self-reliance, self-discipline and self-consciousness, need to “chop lazy muscles. Perhaps the last thing we adults want to embarrass is ourselves, but sometimes we have to know the benefits of embarrasing ourselves.
Open the WeChat group “wine friends Team”, there are only five people inside, all of whom are brothers in the family. Ask who will go to the town, and one person will respond immediately, and there is a kind of “I am not alone.” The feeling.
In 2020, there was a feeling that the house was ruined. Try your best to stay in the house, and try your best to stay in the house. Everyone is like this, not only the glory of the house, but also the pride of the house. Because in the special period of the epidemic situation, it is only a trouble to say Bu Zhai to you when it is small, and it is only a trouble to say Bu Zhai to your country when it is big. No matter what kind of trouble, no one wants to be a troublesome person, let alone a trouble that everyone is afraid. But when it comes to the national calamity, the trouble is really not small. Some people are moved to tears, and the infection of positive energy can really make blood boil, but there are also some “troublesome people” who are too speechless to be born in the same era with “them.
Make an appointment and investigate the road conditions in person after washing up. If you don’t see it with your own eyes, you really don’t know the truth. Sometimes God would also joke with others. If God makes a joke, it can really make people feel untouched. I almost missed my big event. The big event in life is nothing but the third one, money, life and health.
There are still about ten minutes before the appointed time. Ask your teammates about their preparations. Those who are almost idle have nothing to prepare. Open the car door, fasten the safety belt, ignite the light, hold the steering wheel, block forward, come on, join the brothers, and talk about “benevolence, righteousness, morality, wisdom and faith, firewood, rice, oil, salt, ginger, vinegar and tea” in the car. Just chat, as long as you open your mouth, no one knows what kind of scenery will come out at the end of the topic.
It took about ten minutes to get to the town. Seeing that there were not many pedestrians all over the street, there was no strange dress to say, but there was a logo “mask” on his face, most of which were blue and white, and black and colorful masks. Perhaps the prevention in our small town is not very standardized, but everyone has a sense of consciousness and responsibility. In my cousin’s words today, “I am embarrassed to walk on the street without a mask now.”, This made me recognize a sense of helplessness, but it was a fact. Maybe every fact would make people feel a sense of helplessness, but it was just a personal feeling, and what we should face was the fact, you have to accept it without any conditions.
Wearing masks, we were busy with each other. They went to pick up the Express. I walked into the credit union and waited in line according to the number. There were more than 20 people in front of me, fortunately, most of the people who apply for the card are villagers, and they are not bored. They talk through masks and talk about 1234. In this way, time passes quickly, but it’s almost 40 minutes, and there are almost 20 people in front of me, which reminds me of the Internet catchword “My mentality is going to collapse…”
Waiting for this painful process, I have nothing to say about the topic of the fellow villagers. I am still a patient. Many people go out for a walk and come back again, look at each other and start to stroll in the hall. Looking at the number in my hand, I also wanted to go out for a walk. I just saw two cousins at the door when I went out. I don’t know whether they just arrived or came for a while. I don’t care about them. They are not so sentimental people. They directly show my attitude. They are hungry. For card handling, even if you have a meal, you still have time to wait.
As soon as they heard this, they immediately gave advice. I doubted whether they were planning something to eat if I didn’t say I was hungry. Since both of them have the mind to eat something, it shows that the goal is the same, that is, the route is slightly different. I want noodles, and they want snacks, then the minority obeys the majority, soon we reached an agreement to eat cold skin. Eating cold skin on a snowy day is simply “extremely appropriate!”, I couldn’t help shivering in my heart, but it was also a little popular, because I hadn’t eaten for more than half a year, and the source of the little popular was mainly greedy.
The opposite side was the liangpi store. A cousin said that this store was good and he walked across a street as soon as he said so. This cousin also said that this boss made a lot of money with such a small facade. Push the door open and walk in. The business of this store is really good. There are seven or eight “cats” waiting for snacks on stools, and five or six “tigers” have already started to have a big meal. Fortunately, when I was free, I sat down and shouted three bowls of cold skin, but the store owner said no. It was sold out. There were rolling dough skin, black rice skin and spicy hot pot, and asked what we wanted to eat. In fact, I really want to have a spicy hot, and I am afraid that time is not allowed.
The rolling dough skin is white and the black rice skin is black. This is what I know. I really don’t know how these two snacks taste. I want the rolling dough skin, the shopkeeper asked how spicy it is and how spicy it is. The three of us are very consistent and how spicy it is. After a while, it came out. It was so spicy. The boss was really a real person. The white ones became red. After the first bite, I found that I couldn’t control myself a little. This spicy food has risen to a higher level for me. My younger brother took a video and sent it to the “wine friends Team”, the purpose of which was to make my cousin greedy.
My cousin knew the news very quickly. He said that the three of us were not brothers. What was the meaning of shooting a video? He asked us what the food was called, in a word, there were a lot of noises such as “yin and yang weird”, “insinuating with sand”, “threatening and inducing”, and then he talked about the key points. He was also greedy, and the ultimate goal was to let us bring one for him. He said his, we ate us, and he was like a sparrow on a branch. He just didn’t reply to him. We ate it safely and then smiled at each other, I typed to reply that you are so lazy. One of my cousin replied that he was greedy, and the other direct voice shared the taste.
After leaving the snack bar, I went back to the credit union and they waited in the car. I don’t have to wait too long. There are still three people in front of me. I am also very happy. After most of my childhood, I got the new card and walked out of the hall door, recalling the girl who gave me the card, the smile was very charming. She didn’t write on her smiling face, but it seemed to be beautiful, which could be called a different style. The main reason is that if the business that should be done is done well, everything will be fine.
When we got back to the car, we three all planned to have a haircut. They Discussed which hairdresser could have a good haircut, but I had little opinion on this aspect. I have had long hair for a period of time before, and I like short hair in recent years. I have never cared much about head shape. I had agreed to go to that house, but that house didn’t open the door, so I came to this House.
The barber in this shop belongs to our neighbor team. It takes about ten minutes to walk from my home to their home. According to seniority, she has to call us three uncles, who are older than us. The barber asked us to sit down. She was tidying up the hair of a customer in front, who was an aunt. Women’s hair, old or young, always takes a lot of time than men’s to have a haircut. What’s more, in the aspect of loving beauty, women are willing to give up a large price. In a word, they are very responsible for themselves. Men, most of them like to make do with it. If they can do it, they will do it.
Sitting on the sofa waiting for time, I started chatting. There were six people in the barber shop. The Barber talked with this aunt the most vigorously. My two cousins and I occasionally said that the barber’s husband was in charge of washing hair, the “shop assistant” who swept the floor, mopped the floor and basked in the towel had the least words, that is, occasionally smiled. Not to mention anything else, his smile looks like a spring breeze, a little shy, and also makes people feel very warm. In a word, his face was not charming, and he didn’t feel that he was forced to smile or something like that. It was just like a very free flower, which was very beautiful. Whoever said that man should be rough and crazy.
The times have not allowed men to take the power alone. It is very democratic to be in charge of the family. Whoever has the ability can do it. It is no longer a society where women are suitable for the kitchen. Since ancient times, most women have never lost to men, but it is always suppressed by the trend of the times, which really has no place to reason. As for human beings, there are only men and women in reproduction. No one can do without them. Why should they be embarrassed. On the other hand, it seems that the cruelty between the same kind in nature is more ferocious and terrible.
Soon, another aunt came in. This aunt was very talkative and brought a regretful News. A 13-year-old boy was so anxious that he separated his child from his home during the epidemic. During this period, the epidemic was not so serious, so he came to Grandpa’s house and played the swing alone. Somehow, he was strangled. People hear about the pity, and helpless, feeling many, human stories multi-joys and sorrows, who can smile this life rain…
Coming out of the barber shop, I suddenly felt cold. When my hair was less, I felt it was cold on this snowy day. Today’s snow is quite heavy, but after all it is warm spring snow. It can be said that good times will not last long, it depends on how we appreciate the weather with that kind of mood. But at this moment, I want to say that when winter is gone and snow is white, you should give way to the flowers.

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