People who have been hiding for a long time are immersed in all kinds of news and gossips of the epidemic.

2020年4月15日   |   by 科姆龙

Without the joy and joy of the Spring Festival, they are more ignorant and fearful about the sudden epidemic, some people are also doing the last carnival of the last Japanese style. Maybe we have been at ease for too long, thinking that prosperity will remain the same, that life will always be as ordinary as water, that there are poems and distant places everywhere, and that we can live a better life as long as we work hard, but I don’t know that all those things are often the most fragile bubbles in a natural cycle. The world is originally fair, not only for the present, but also for the past and the future. We use the brain that we think we are smart or the body that we think we are strong, which finally proves that it is not so small. In the end, I also had to face up to it, trying to imagine the truth covered by ostriches. It was not so powerful and not so powerful. The only thing we still insisted on was our tenacity, it is never giving up the desire to survive for survival.
I wanted to write something during the whole spring festival, but I didn’t do it all the time. I didn’t even have feelings and feelings. I urged everyone around me to do all possible protection, then inquire about various possible factors in the surrounding environment, and make instinctive avoidance and avoidance, because in the unknown and survival, any choice of cowardice is neither wrong nor weak, those who think they are powerful and fearless have told us their weakness that they are vulnerable with their lives.
I don’t want to praise anyone, I don’t want to praise anything, because there are some things that don’t need me to praise, and it has been done very well, just like I have never doubted or criticized it, its good is no longer able to be destroyed by those gossips or malicious comments. It has always looked down at the world, even at the most scarred time. Those people who praise don’t need me to praise any more. They use perfect personality and life to prove that they do have more noble soul and consciousness than me, not because of my humbleness, just because their own moment of retrograde in the back of your hurried away. I also don’t want to worship, because I know that if necessary, including me, there are many people in this land, they will be cowardly and humble, but at the last moment, there is always the reason and consciousness to make them stand upright, and there is no other reason, because this is their only home. As long as the home is still there, the fallen souls will not lose their way.
During this period of time, most of us peep into the world through our hands, and also reflect in familiar but unfamiliar rooms. This world is not as prosperous as we thought, and this world is not as brave as we thought. It turns out that life is really so equal. When it falls down, it is to ask for mercy.
Poetry and the distance gradually collapsed. The Garden of Eden in the distance was just a dreamland in your imagination. What you did in the end was just to live in a different place, still living in this way and still being so weak. I really can’t figure out how powerful the self-feeling of some people is to say how noble the race is. When you are in natural disasters, you all die like a beggar and rot as well.
Many of those distant countries are just utopia we imagine, like floating bubbles in the air, which seem colorful, but if you touch them with your hands, you will fall into the dust in an instant, in an instant, it turns into a wind. We are like a child who protects parents too well. We always think that the outside world is a better world, but we don’t know that we have a calm harbor because our parents help us block the wind and rain, finally, when we calmed down, when we felt the fragility of life, we realized that outside US, there were still Wind and Cloud reciting, lightning and thunder, but here was the only place to be settled.
If it were not for this epidemic, we might not really stop, and look at the familiar but unfamiliar faces of our family and relatives. You can’t find that your parents are really old, and you can’t find that your children are growing up, and you are already youthful in the mirror. Those so-called ideals and dreams are so simple and real at this moment, just for living, just for those or only a few people I love.
Some tired lives are so eager, and our hard work is just to live and let the people around us live. The boring work that we have to do in the early morning and the dark, it is to maintain such a lofty life course and ceremony.
If we have learned something in this spring, I think we should cherish it more. If this epidemic makes us understand something, I think we should cherish it. If this spring gives us something, I think it is still the treasure that some people use their lives to exchange for us.
Spring will not be because of an epidemic situation or a war, a disaster does not come or delay, the footsteps of spring are still steady, the spring rain is still drizzling, still moistening things silently. The Hawthorn flower on the Mountain opens quietly, not because of anyone, but because of its inherent life track in this spring, it is as brilliant as ever.

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