The flowers of flute in the cloud, the red handkerchief blooming in the imagination,

2020年4月15日   |   by 科姆龙

the leaves of horizontal flute in the breeze, the dazzling dandelion in the phenomenon, passing the natural steps when meeting the beautiful scenery, enjoying the natural works of time, seeing the space twining the tree wheel, seeing through the world near the distant mountains.
Fruit fragrance, vegetables green, step by step to time, unusual family. Tea and wine are warm, poetry and writing, from one step to one step to life, not only meaning exists. Peach blossoms spread across the mountain and water Island, plum blossoms were untied in the spring of February, osmanthus remained in the fragrance, and the fireworks festival hung on the tile wall. The eyes are long along the way, and the sound of missing is knocked by the side. The spring and summer in front of us are gone, presenting the harbor in autumn.
The Sparrow on the tree kept asking why, the grass on the mud kept shaking the crystal, the waves on the river and the Sea carried the rhythm, and the boat at the tuyere actually painted the plot.
The butterfly fell on the wings, and the Kite jumped out of the plane. The roof of the Fanying was full of the power of the rainbow, welcoming the peanut flowers all the way and leading the stage, nei Mei kites and sunflowers are constant stars.
On the left side is the exquisite soil, on the right side is the fresh and elegant pattern, in front is the unknown life direction to choose, behind is the known self-determined content. Love is there, everything has its golden words and Jade sentences, love is there, thousands of people also have Jade words and Jade sentences.
The reality doesn’t hold millions of clouds, but also owns millions of nature. Life is not short of interesting world, and there are also many ordinary and plain things. Life does not come out and blooms in full bloom, and there are also stories about youth.
After experiencing the time from left to right, through the rich connotation of space, there are many articles in the world of clear sky, and the leisure and leisure of spring, summer, autumn and winter have unfolded in different depths and have a different taste in the heart.
The sparrows on the treetop sometimes can’t be quiet, the grass on the soil is fading and flourishing, people come and go along the road, the lights take pictures of the city, people on the road have their own paths, and the bustling world in the city is full of time.
The flute blossoms, the cloud is in Rio, and the wind is moving. The Art Appears. Beauty is not only the process of life, but also the Mo Feng of vitality.
The ideal imagination is in love with the world of soul, the beloved words spread their wings in the world of love, inspiration may be the spirit of appointment, logic may be the potential of consciousness.
Thinking often calls a bosom friend like making friends, and you are the bole at this time.

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