Have you ever been confused?

2020年4月15日   |   by 科姆龙

Or do you still feel confused now? It seems that a thick layer of fog has risen around, covering your eyes. At this time, you are like a bird breaking into the house accidentally, unable to distinguish the direction, and colliding blindly under the eaves with wings, I don’t know where is the way out?
There are tens of millions of roads in the world, with different curves and lengths. Even one may accidentally go into a maze, which is full of various temptations and dazzles people. If we don’t have a pair of wise and sensitive eyes to distinguish right from wrong, we may fall into the mire, lost direction.
A bird flew over the high wall and walked into the home of ordinary people. Facing the copper walls and iron walls in all directions, I think how panic it is at this moment. If good luck comes across a kind and kind family, it may help it to return to the sky. If not, it would be a blessing for the coming of a person who is not a director. It will eventually find its way out and soar in the sky again.
A person’s life is a process of continuous walking. Even a kite pulled by parents will fly from one place to another. The higher it flies, the farther it flies, and finally it will break away from the line in parents’ hands.
The way of walking is as wonderful as a magic trick, which can change all kinds of faces and make people mix with each other. Sometimes I would be very happy for some of my choices, sometimes I would be miserable, and I would always have some regrets, “If I had known earlier, I would have done it”. There is nothing in the world known earlier.
If there is regret medicine in the world, can we change another way when this road doesn’t work? That is not as simple as the time can flow back. We can constantly try and correct, find a right way at the fork in the road and go to the other side of success.
Walking, walking, it seems that we are playing a game. We need to pass the pass and cut the generals before we can continuously upgrade and win. Every pass will bring about the unknown of the next pass. We will feel distressed and confused. After many times of groping and rushing, we may find some tips slowly, once again, the customs clearance was successful. But that is not necessarily the end point, it may be the starting point again.
The sea will not have surging waves, and life will not be smooth forever. Sometimes we are a lost bird, with a pair of strong wings, but we are very confused, looking at the vast white sky, although we don’t know where the exit is, but there was no idea of giving up at all. No matter how hard or tired, they insisted on flapping their wings and walking out everywhere.
Confusion is not terrible, as long as you can still stick to your original intention. The Lost Bird, through hard work, will eventually find its way out.

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