Spring Mountain moon ripples, in the bright moonlight

2020年4月15日   |   by 科姆龙

I heard the chirp of a wild goose, clear and deep. Two feet kept swirling in the same place, wings fluttering and wings fluttering to fly, and the Yingying grass was shining with white luster. I think, my body will definitely give you the sense of insecurity of the strong and make you disappear in the light blue sky with alertness. How much I want to be friends with you, or I am eager to be understood by you about my bright and transparent heart.
The cool breeze is blowing slowly, chasing you with astonishment, looking down and circling among the white clouds, and the mottled pine forests are shining among the sleeping mountains. You walked through the thin smoky morning fog leisurely and fell into the green field. There was a bitter spray in my mind, and I couldn’t escape the sad fate between different life levels. You are probably hungry, watching the fresh and juicy wheat seedlings eating at will. Magpies twittering warn that you have inadvertently entered their territory. In the boundless wilderness, I crawled among the weeds, enjoying the communication between you and the magpie couple. A kind of natural happiness attracted me to chase towards the distance.
Of course, I am so energetic and magnificent, setting off my loneliness. I don’t have any eye-catching or characteristic friends except for an unspeakable spotted dog. The whole family disappeared, and they could no longer feel the strong distance between each other-naughty cattle, grateful horses, smart pigs, gentle and noble sheep, neither cold nor hot rabbits, pretended to be a learned snake, a relaxed and humorous chicken, a bold and honest duck, a lazy and pretended mysterious Loach, a locust quietly but fond of jumping up and down, an indifferent and ordinary toad, bumpy and affectionate tianniu…… The images of all my friends emerged. I knew there were still morning fog, breeze, mountains and trees. They were all my friends. They were all so vigorous and let me feel the freshness and happiness of Yangchun.
Are people living just enjoying the happiness of the mouth, based on the pain of friends? In that innocent age, although my friends tried their best to amuse me, I still abandoned them temporarily for the so-called noble civilization and free democracy. Looking back, they misread me. I betrayed their existence and life so much. In the boundless illusory, only the painful happiness of self-editing, self-acting and self-directing, along with the gentle spring breeze, I came to join you again with joy and Yue Dong.
The Lonely Wild goose in the sky was flying stubbornly. It was so determined that it didn’t turn back. I think of a small bridge that has not fallen like this. The monkey on Wuyi Mountain went down the mountain to help farmers collect peanuts. The whole family went to the battle together, and whether the scene that people and monkeys were happy could be reappeared. The spread of coronavirus is not only physical pain, but also spiritual and moral pain, destroying the moral bottom line again and again to destroy peace and order. The image of the burnt kangaroo often emerges in the dream and lingers for a long time. More and more despise all the despicable behaviors towards animals.
The sense of obtaining free competition is becoming more and more grandiose, putting on a reasonable and legal coat, even surpassing the pain of life, enjoying Carnival and romance. How stupid this atrocity is, it seems that free competition is the almighty medicine, which leads to the evolution and reproduction of survival of the fittest and natural selection of all ecosystems. This is such an ugly and selfish defense that we need to live in harmony. No matter poverty or wealth, or weakness or disability, since we have come to this earth, we must live a happy life hand in hand with each other.
The Lonely Wild Goose on the edge of the sky hid into the clouds. It felt sad in its heart. It was looking for friends and places where love took root and sprouted.

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