People on the stage gazed affectionately,

2020年4月15日   |   by 科姆龙

and people on the stage tried their best to perform, reading different lives and tasting different emotions. Walking into the deep heart of each other, you become me, and I also become you. We hug each other warmly, we cry bitterly, and we are indignant for the misfortune of each other’s life, we shed tears of grievance for our respective sorrow. We can’t narrate to the world completely. We can only use sporadic passages to substitute people into those emotions we have experienced. Those who share the same feelings can’t help shedding sincere tears. Those who can’t appreciate this emotion just wait and see from a distance and remain indifferent!
Love, even a touch of soul, is about the sorrow that you are different. Stepping on the slender dust, holding the wind of the sea, the wind and dust is like the surging tide, sweeping the world as lonely as a song! Stand on tiptoe and reach a height, thinking that I can hug you warmly, red lips dye thousands of miles of rivers and mountains, infatuated people, Zui Le, in dreams. However, a shocking Thunderbolt made people recall how painful the reality was. Once they jumped happily, but now, they can only hesitate painfully. When I opened the old scriptures, the past came to my heart, with tears flowing in my heart, and the tears shone in my eyes. I had to read the Buddha, and everything came back. Ask the sky about the wine. How many stars are there outside the sky? People from all over the world, lean against high-rise buildings and look at the sky!
It was once as light as the smoke, drifting across the complex buildings and flying in the sky, and weaving a curtain of dream. This whole body was full of embarrassment, which made you look back for several times. It was difficult to sleep and worried. Outside the curtain, the wind is roaring, inside the curtain is like a cold cicada, white paper scroll, across the two ends of sorrow. After arriving at the Heavenly Palace, I remembered that the bright moon was bright and clean. I scooped up a ladle of river water, and drew a shadow screen. You watched the fire across the bank, but you couldn’t hear me calling for help hoarsely. Across the boundless sea of life, you and I were as deep as the sea, but eventually we became passers-. You have performed the most beautiful amorous feelings in the world for me, and I have left the deepest infatuation for you. The world is unpredictable. After all, you and I have become two heavy mountains. You are at this end, I am at that end, although I can often smell each other’s deep calls, I turn a deaf ear to them and keep silent • • • • • •
Some people love you, like in the play, willing to give their own lives; Some people love you, like reality, using selfishness as their bottom line. Flowers bloom and fall, and people come. The roles played in the play always make people laugh and sigh with emotion. Weave a waiting, fantasize about the future, and turn your excellent life into wonderful scenes of five fingers! Cheer for you, as if that was my life, and I used to be as brilliant as you, but now I am down and out, falling into the dust of the world, and hesitating endlessly for these seven emotions and six desires.
In the bustling downtown, there are so many red wine and green wine that you can entertain in wine glasses. Yi Zui, you are the brilliance of the world, guiding the steps in the dark night to the road of light. The mood is slender, just like the silk tied you up, you can’t get rid of it, and it is bound with the red dust. Wandering in time and space, light the rusty color of time, the dust on your face, embarrassed! The beautiful scenery of the country flowed in the ink, with thousands of sorrows and bitterness. One stroke was written off.
It was you who stood on the crude stage and tried to perform this crude life perfectly; It was you who picked up a dead branch and drew me the splendid scenery of Spring on the screen; it’s you, too. With your gently tiptoe, you can play a wonderful movement for me, just like your hands wandering on the keys!
The smile of looking back, turned into light waves rippling in my heart, turned into good wine for me to get drunk for a long time. She turned into sunshine and covered the mountains, warming my village. I planted a red bean in the field in front of the yard. When it sprouted, I hid in the dark and prayed that the wind and rain would be gentle to her, when she left me one day, she couldn’t find the excuse of missing for a while, and visited all over the world, finally someone told me that its name was “lovesickness”.

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