Parents, life still came from. Parents go, life is only the way back.

2020年4月15日   |   by 科姆龙

That is to go all the way, go in the dark, there is no room for consideration and choice. Father died early, and the three of us were still young. This makes the families that were not rich become more poor. Stretched, make ends meet. It was the mother who raised us up by herself. A woman, with her three children alone, survived step by step until we all grew up and got married. Everyone can think of the hardships and difficulties.
All three of us are fairly good, and all of us are fairly good. In principle, a half-lifetime hard-working mother can take off the burden and have a rest. Hard-working and hardworking, she still has a strong character. If you can’t spare time, you have to plant crops to show us the children. Work at home, doing sanitation, washing and cooking, busy inside and outside. This is enough, love to worry, don’t worry about this, don’t worry about that. Family members have headaches, colds and physical discomfort. She was worried and couldn’t let it go, and urged again and again. Great jittery, paranoid feeling.
Perhaps, no matter how old the children are, they are still children in the eyes and mind of the mother. Still need care and care, what is blood thicker than water, probably regardless of time and space. Regardless of region or age. It can’t be cut off. It’s tightly integrated. No matter whether your children are rich or poor, whether you are a king, a general or a peddler. They are all the same, they are just children, as long as they are safe and healthy. Other things are not too important.
Every time I go home, a few simple vegetables. Mother can also make a lot of patterns, elaborately made into sweet and delicious food. Mother is here, home is here. Family Reunion and affinity are there, no matter where you go, no matter where you are. All can get together is a fire, scattered is the stars all over the sky. The bedding that gives off the light and fragrance of the Sun, the sheets and clothes that are brightly washed. Spotless rooms and courtyards, tidy and orderly household affairs. Can make the heart warm, the heart moved and sentimentally attached. That is love, simple but not heavy.
After leaving, there were big bags and small bags, all of which were wrapped together. No matter whether you can eat up or use up, you can’t pick up the heavy ones. Fresh vegetables, fruits, specialties and so on. She wouldn’t listen to what she said, and it wouldn’t work if she didn’t take it away. If you don’t take it away, she won’t feel at ease and at ease. It always feels like something is missing and something is missing.
Every time she came to see me, she would bring a lot of things. I don’t care if I can finish it. Eggplant, chili pepper, tomato, gourd, potato vermicelli, and home bacon. I also need to take my children to take a bus. It’s very inconvenient, actually I can buy it, but she just takes it. It is said that everything in the city costs money, and saving a little is a little. Every time I feel distressed and helpless. She will be unhappy if she says too much, and she will not just say yes. It will be the same next time.
She didn’t want to give her pocket money when she came back. Or you buy noodles with vegetables, but you are reluctant to spend a penny for yourself. Or give it to the children at home. I went to the street to buy clothes and shoes and said that I didn’t like this style and that color didn’t look good. In fact, I understand that it’s not that she doesn’t like it, but that she is used to thrifty and reluctant to buy it. Afraid of spending money, afraid of adding burden and trouble to children. She finally became a master and bought it for her. She would also complain that she spent money indiscriminately and there were many places to use.
Looking back on our childhood, my mother would not let us bear hardships no matter how difficult it was. Where do you need money? It’s okay. I am. A few points will be given. Won’t he save at that time? No, if you think about it from another perspective, only if you owe too much, you may not be able to make up and repay it in your whole life.
In fact, they are all family members and should not say whether they owe or not. As there is a saying, if parents are sons, they are far-reaching. But what about children to their parents? Perhaps this is a question that every child cannot answer. Very big, very profound, no one can say, that’s all. Only, let them worry less, make them happy, and try their best to make them live a better life. For my mother, maybe that’s all I can do.

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