Talk about my lifetime tears, sacrifice your lifetime love

2020年4月15日   |   by 科姆龙

The flying snowflakes rushed to the end of the season. As soon as they landed, they couldn’t wait to give up her white coat and melt into the Earth’s skin, this should be the last snow this winter……
It is said that time is in a hurry, just like a white kite passing through the gap, but it is a step by step, stepping through the cycle of seasons, quitting the winter snow and welcoming the Spring red.
As the saying goes: “A year’s plan lies in spring,” What a beautiful season spring is! Spring comes back to the Earth, everything recovers, and those remaining regrets are abandoned. It seems that all hopes can be replanted in this season, and all stories can be restarted in this season.
On the March day when the grass grows and the warblers fly, I will encounter the new peach blossom on the top of the old branch. The beautiful scenery around is still the same, tourists are like weaving, but the familiar appearance in the bustling crowd is not seen. Things are different from people, and things can’t help but sorrow comes from it. I clearly remember that you laughed like a flower under the flower of that year. We made an appointment hand in hand to go to the next flowering period. But now in the red sea of flowers, only my lonely figure is left, and who do you smile with our original promise, and travel hand in hand?
Life is like this. In the flowing years, some people can’t wait to meet the next person unexpectedly without waving goodbye. Through the vicissitudes of the years, through countless times of joys and sorrows, trudging through countless times of hardships and frustrations, when the blue silk dyed its hair, a hot heart gradually cooled down, facing the unpredictable opportunities of life, the calm lake of heart can not arouse any waves, and the rest is only to look on coldly with time, and be a person who has nothing to do with himself in one side of his own small world.
The passing years cannot be recrossed, but the missed ones can meet again. When the times have changed, life has changed a lot. What else can I say in the face of unfamiliar and familiar you, but a simple greeting to comfort the gentle time at that time……
How much I want to be like a fish. What I have is only seven seconds of memory. Once I turn around, it will be a new beginning. I will move forward with my heart, and even the joys and sorrows I have experienced will be recalled lazily.
Slowly, some things don’t want to be forced; Some people don’t want to make deep friends; Former friends don’t want to contact. This is not because I was born to be fickle. I just got used to being quiet and not disturbed in the indifferent fleeting time, and also got used to letting everything go. But I am still grateful for others’ kindness to me and remember every warm touch

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