Eyes are cold and frost, speechless

2020年4月15日   |   by 科姆龙

The moon hangs on the cold window, and the eyes are thin and frost. The wind and rain which had been silent for a whole autumn, mottled and scattered poetry, and the dead leaves which were not sentimentally attached to people fell from the treetop. Slowly in the reincarnation of another year, several leaves of Leng Qiu and several sorrows. The casual ending finally slid down from the crack of the fingers, faintly sinking into the deep fleeting time.
The blue and white of an umbrella, flowing with the trickle lines of poetry, moistens the blooming time of flowers and smells the fragrance of the fallen night on the green grass. The beauty of the whole life, the boundless autumn color, a glimmer of silver light, a piece of autumn frost, the dark night is not empty. Looking back, whose night sky is full of flowers? Whose autumn color is full of sadness?
The morning light cut off the cloud and mist, which filled the cool and refreshing sky. A bunch of faint spring green blossoms one by one. With two oars, the boat flows lightly, the ends of the Earth rippling with the years, and the legend of perfection continues. With the silk sound accompanied by the rain, the fragrance strikes the bridge one drop after another, and the missing of the bridge blooms. The flowers on the umbrella, the beautiful image under the umbrella and the tears on the back of the paper looked at each other and became the fragrance of ink.
How many sounds, from the corner of the alley, no one finally, only smell the fragrance. I just took one more look and fell into my heart. Instant love, never go far, in front of the heart. A string of steps knocking on the window reflects a story that is close to each other.
The moon hangs in the sky, and the mist wraps the frost. A so-oak across four seasons, gather with a lovely fragrance, turn around is Hundred Acre Wood Wan lan qian acres zi lin. Bodhi planted heart and four leaves of love. As long as it is warm and the sunshine is just right, the encounter between you and me is like a flower blooming and the love is heavy and the wine is strong. As long as it is still you and me, we will converge to the mountain temple, qingyun turns to be sincere.
Gray tiles and white walls, lingering dream fragrance. Past smoke and dust, farewell time. The Willow falls gently, and the autumn grass grows horizontally. No matter how beautiful the peach blossoms are, there are always moments of withering, and no matter how fragrant the sweet osmanthus blossoms are, there are also moments of falling. Flowers bloom is a story, and flowers fall into a painting.
People always get separated, and stories always come to an end. Memories light is not equal to forget, separated is not equal to no longer meet. There are cold, bright and cold, white dew Shuang Xing the boundless grass, a piece of untouchable pain covered with several dead leaves. In fact, looking up far away, life is very simple. Don’t be entangled in the past, blow into a piece of wind and let it go.
Warm a pot of fireworks to watch the Autumn Water, and the peach blossom garden will float in the fog. Make a cup of Dan Cha fragrance to know Shan Yi, see a piece of clouds falling in a natural and unrestrained way, see a flower blooming to know the meaning of life. Years eyes thick, flower hiang kie mortals.
The Cold Dew of eyes has become the past.
Hard truth, memorable embrace. When hanging the treetop in the same month, I was alone and had a long shadow. The reason is that blue and white cover the face, no tears fall. On one side of the sky, it is bitter. Click on the mountains, flow a river of turbid water, Yan Mo embellishment, and then splash a painting.
Looking at the world of mortals, hazy. It is not hard to see red cherry, not ugly green banana. There are always natural and unrestrained wind, flowers, snow and moon, as well as desolate joys and sorrows. When I woke up in a dream, I smiled and wished that I had been well. I gently hugged and shook hands, and the colder the season would become warm.
Flowers bloom and warm the years, while flowers fall and nourish the spring. Peach blossom red, pear flower White, are all a picture, love in the heart……

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