The elder said that life seemed to be impermanent

2020年4月15日   |   by 科姆龙

When the mountain flowers are blooming, we take a bath in the sunshine. Time will be gentle to us, time will make us happy and healthy, and the flower season will always come because of you.
Just wait quietly like this. Under the sunshine in the corner of the wall, the climbing Tiger has sprouted quietly. The guardrail of the opposite family was covered with chrysanthemum green branches. They are vibrant and exciting.
We saw the messengers of the season. They told everyone that the spring breeze had already been on duty and the flowers were on the way. Those who should come will never be absent. It’s just a matter of time.
Cherish every experience that life gives us. It is a competent teacher, not to mention useless words. No matter what you have experienced, it will teach you to grow up, learn to cherish and know how to protect. We need not exclusion, should accept, diligent insights through, to better correction yourself.
but in fact it was orderly. Only those who knew how to obey the rules would avoid going into the swamp and falling into the pit. Only when you know how to choose and avoid, take weight and weight, and learn to be content, can the flower of life bloom more and more brightly, and thus life become delicate.
I can’t fully understand his words, but I agree with him. People always need to learn self-regulation and planning, otherwise life will become a mess. When other Sands are accompanied by cement, they become materials, but they can’t find the starting exit.
I like philosophy, so I have feelings for the words of my predecessors. A feeling that cannot be said clearly but really exists is like air. I only saw the white air coming out after the cold, so as to infer its existence.
I don’t drink chicken soup, but I admire the toughness in my life. The girl who carried water on the mountain road many years ago has always inspired my growth. The petite body, under the pressure of the bucket, bent into a big half of the circle. The small hands stretched hard to catch the vines in front.
Maybe she had already forgotten that the little girl who taught her to blow bubble candies that year also took her to see the dandelion falling down. But I always remember the two marks of sweat rolling down from my temples and the eager eyes. They told me that I had to work hard if I wanted to change.
I still remember the truth I told the girl in those years, and also remember the gratitude of our family when we carried water back. I believe that those big eyes have already seen the prosperity outside and witnessed her growth. I sincerely hope that the little girl, who is now, is what I want, and all the beauty belongs to her.
The days of staying at home are actually richer than before, and I can feel progress every day. There was no more emptiness in the past. I was satisfied and steadfast in my heart, and the days were in good order. It turns out that I have been picky in those days that have gone away.
Haruki Murakami once said: ”don’t worry too much about the present or the future. There is no useless experience in life. After experiencing some things, the scenery in front of you is different from before. ”Be quiet now, looking forward to our bathing in the sunshine when the mountain flowers are blooming.

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