Opening the curtain

2020年4月15日   |   by 科姆龙

a ray of light came into the room, which was very soft, but also felt very dazzling. Looking up at the sky, the sky was covered with darkness. The low-pressure sky was buried over the head of the head. The dark clouds covered the corners of the eaves and hung on the eyebrows. A burst of wind blew through the hall and rolled up the neck with coldness, blowing drooping bangs, A cold wet mark fell gently on the forehead.

It rained again, and the air smelled wet. The water stains on the balcony had not faded away. Occasionally, I could hear two drops of sound from the eaves of the window. The lake in the distance was full of water, the sky is shaking and rippling. Yesterday was still the sunny and warm morning of early spring. The lake water was blue and blue, and the spring breeze suddenly appeared. Today, the cold wind rose again, and the eyes were full.
But calm down and take a closer look.
Early spring seems to be like this, inadvertently quietly giving you warmth, and inadvertently letting you recall the cold of the day before yesterday. However, the wind and rain in early spring is much gentler than the scene in front of us. The spring breeze that doesn’t pass through the Yumen Pass will eventually make you perceive such a trace in the plug. The spring rain that slipped into the rain Lane in the south of the Yangtze River will eventually let you catch a trace of warmth in the ticking sound of the eaves.
The spring breeze blows my face, no longer like the winter, the wind is like a knife. The wind in early spring was not as tight as that. It was no longer like a broken bag, roaring. It is always gentle, slowly and quietly, like a person who wakes up early and dares not to wake up the sleeping person around him immediately. Although the wind in early spring was only a few days late, it was no longer the biting cold, like a pair of cold jade hands scratching across the cheek and hugging the neck. Although it was cold, it was much warmer.
Once in the spring breeze, everything revives, and the heaven and earth in the winter slowly opens their eyes and arms with the spring breeze, and becomes active. As the poem says: the light rain on the street is as moist as crisp, but the grass looks close to the distance but there is nothing. The withered and yellow in the eyes, the fresh buds that just came out secretly under the soles of the feet, the little life submerged in the rotten grass, challenges the chilly winter stubbornly and tenaciously, welcome the spring of Vientiane renewal. Final drum, cheering.
The rain in early spring is not like the rain in winter. The cold wind cries and the cold rain is ruthless. The spring rain is blowing, but it always makes people can’t afford to complain. Even if there is still a little chilly spring, it can’t stop the vitality of all things. It stretches out happily, and the boat is sinking, and the gentle drizzle, infinite hope, give people infinite vitality. People always want to open their arms to welcome its tenderness.
The early spring rain always drips quietly. If it rains at noon in the countryside, you will see the smoke from the kitchen, accompanied by the drizzling rain, without the cold wind that makes you hide, xiao Yurou went to the countryside, and smelled the steaming fragrance of rice. Lying on the soft bed, he was the sweetest dreamland. Is the so-called spring rain in Gangnam, is rooess hua volume. No matter in the poet’s works or in the painter’s works, the early spring rain is so comfortable.
Spring breeze and rain are the best gifts of nature, even if the past is sad wind and rain, or the rain is Dark Wind, when it comes to spring thunder, the spring breeze is slight, the spring rain is continuous, everything seems to have hope, even if the past is endless night, it seems to see the dawn. Everything opened its eyes gladly, unfolded its arms and jumped with joy.

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