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2020年4月15日   |   by 科姆龙

The rain in the New Year seems to fall on the footprints of beginning of spring. It lasts for several days. From early morning to dusk, the mountain fog keeps surging. People who want to go out don’t have to turn on their mobile phones to check the real-time weather, just standing in front of the house and looking up at the top of the mountain, you can know whether it is sunny or rainy after an hour. It depends on the folk proverb that “there is a rain mountain with a hat, and there is no rain mountain around the waist”, which is known to people living along the mountain, is often, time-tested.
many things happened at the beginning of the new year. Many friends who shouted “Please be nice to me in the New Year” at the new year have now become depressed because of various things. A friend sent me a message saying that he had been at home for many boring days and had been in a panic at home and was about to go crazy. I won’t comment, although I never feel bored at home.
Having a home is a lucky thing in itself, and it is even more important to stay at home. If there are family members at home, even if it is just repeated every day that the weather is sunny and the rain comes to collect clothes, even if you repeat watching mountains in the daytime and stars in the night every day, you won’t feel bored.
If simple and ordinary things are repeated much more, it is not necessarily that there will be no feeling and tiredness. If you are the same as me, you can feel that you like more in love, and you will get sentimentally attached in love, I will never feel that life at home will be boring any more.
I like the big river in front of my hometown and the green mountains behind it. From the beginning to the end, I will not feel tired of seeing this scenery, and I only like it day by day, one day is better than one day’s attachment.
If you ask me how long I will like it here?
I don’t know the mountains, the wind and rain, and I don’t know either.
But I always knew that the river was waiting for me. Whenever I returned home, it was there. In the sound of the current, it seemed to call me and told me not to forget the way home at any time. I always knew that the continuous green mountains were accompanying me, so the fantasy and fear of Mountain Shadows in my childhood were all turned into dependence by time, without opening the window, you can also see the green mountains that change their colors with the change of seasons. When you open the window, you can be with the birds in the mountains. The unspeakable sense of stability in your heart is only known to yourself.
I always think that the reason why some people feel bored is that they are unhappy and fail to taste the taste of “happiness” in life. Therefore, no matter how wonderful and happy life is, some people will feel bored. What I always like to do is to find various “Le Zi” of different sizes in my life “.
When I heard that the rain hit the window in the daytime, what I often did was to lead my sister to grab an umbrella and run into the field to see where the rain came from and how the rain brushed up the mountain wall layer by layer, let the mountain wall change from eye-catching green to the color of gray and white blue, and see how the first wisp of white mist diffused in the valley without fog. After several days of heavy rain, whether there is clear water flowing out of the mountain stream behind the mountain.
I can squat on a small lace for more than ten minutes, just waiting to see the condensation and fall of a drop of dewdrops, or I can stay on a wasteland for half an hour, just waiting to see the interesting appearance of a locust leaping its head out of the grass. You said I was so bored, but actually it wasn’t. You are not me. I don’t know how happy I am.
So outside, at home, there is no time and mind to be bored.
My grandmother loves to watch local color tones, so I can watch the color tones with relish in front of the color tuning machine with her. Sometimes my grandmother wants to do handwork, so I accompany her to do handwork, even if I was stupid, I was very happy to do it. I occasionally chatted and guessed the ancient times, and learned to talk with the old words passed down by my ancestors, the old man couldn’t help smiling without saying a few words.
The cats at home love to take a nap, so I can take a nap with the cats. When people wake up with the breeze blowing in the afternoon, they may peep at the first one.
Recently, I have read a book which says that everything in the universe is just accidental. I like this statement very much, and maybe because I have too little obsession and insignificant, I can often enjoy myself in life.
There is nothing wrong with the keyboard knocking in the office building and the traffic flowing in the street.
It’s not bad to go to the vegetable garden to pick vegetables on sunny days and sleep leisurely on rainy days.
Maybe you have many great pursuits, you have many great opinions, you have countless praised advantages, but you are just you.
As for me, let me continue to be a dreamer who doesn’t listen to the morning and night and doesn’t know the Spring and Autumn period.

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