Thinking about the past, tears are full

2020年4月15日   |   by 科姆龙

Bureau. The flowering of iron trees is also a thing that has been staged in this ruthless world. Dedicate, care and irrigate with sincerity. In the spring of several years later, that tree will eventually blossom. I never thought that as a mortal in this life, I could also create my own miracle with that meager power. I don’t expect everyone to come to praise me. With the eyes of praise, I just try my best to pursue my belief with my whole life!
The flowers bloom on the tree, without saying a word, not sad or hurt. But I am facing a period of past that is difficult to let go. I don’t know how many times I have cried. The wind hurt my heart, and the wind and sand fascinated my eyes. I wanted to see the beauty I wanted to see clearly, so I had to wipe my eyes from time to time to let the tears flow out, volatilize in the wind as soon as possible, and let my crying drown in the hustle and bustle of the world as soon as possible. But after all, I was dumped at the end. When I looked up at the sky, the last lone goose hovering in the sky also lost its trace. After all, the flood washed away the yellowing past events on the Earth, and even a bronze mirror that once infinitely looked like the past scene seemed spotless.
All the people who can walk have gone, but that road is still there. It has sent away the person I love most and the person I hate most, leaving only one me who doesn’t love or hate, standing in place! The west wind sweeping outside the wall, how many pairs of expecting eyes were blown away with tears, eyes jumped out of the pupils, and finally flew to the starry sky, which was quite speechless and full of emotion compared with the disappointed guests in distant places. Shuttling through the wall and broken tiles, this journey has been covered with bruises. The edges and corners of the body have already been covered by cocoons. When you touch them with warmth, you will feel the vicissitudes of time without the Wen Run of age!
I want to go to an inexplicable place far away, where spring is like spring all the year round. Willows sing songs and teach people to Bu Mei all night. Enjoy the rewards as much as you like, treat the years with kindness, wait for the years to come to an end, and then stay with the soul. At that time, there was no temptation from the outside world, nor was there any bullying from the secular world. I looked at you, you look at me, although naked, you will not make a fuss, nor will you deliberately flatter or slander me. You don’t have to be scheming, and you don’t have to look ahead and look back. You just stare at your ears, toward the vast, and listen to what you say……
The sea which lost the flood season could no longer have the stormy waves. It was impossible to break the caldrons and sink the boats without a satisfactory result. Meteors become petals, drifting to the coast, the other end of the sea, devoutly made wishes, waiting for the passing of the world. Missing is like a sea. The vast ocean is at both ends of the world, and the thoughts that pass by by chance are surging! In the past, those who have been forgotten were left clean. In the past, those who have been kept in mind read like yesterday and evening. Listening to the sound of the sea, it was getting closer and closer, as if I would be submerged in the sea, without trace. The figures passing by the Coast had many familiar sounds, breathing with the same breath.
After all, it can’t be replaced. The love as deep as the sea can’t be forgotten after all. The loneliness like the sea precipitates the blue lonely Fei Ying of a day, skimming across the sandbar, and the cold wind rises, pick up do Han Zhi won’t habitat. I had no choice but to clean you with a blue color. There was no good news in the world, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. The calendar hanging on the wall, counting carefully, can no longer find the warmth of the past.
There was a glimpse floating in the sky, and there was no trace in a flash. I thought it was you, but I turned around and was ruthless. The light time was colored on the temples, and the bitterness turned into a cold drink. I drank it to the cold time and space, the affectionate look at the cat and draw the tiger is not equal to the scenery of the Green Mountains. There are so many people on the balcony that they send a kiss to the void, looking forward to our beauty and meeting at the next corner.

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