waiting for you to come back

2020年4月15日   |   by 科姆龙

Time passed by in a hurry. In a twinkling of an eye, the months at the end of winter and the beginning of spring had quietly arrived, sending away the tranquility of winter and the charm of spring. In the light world of mortals, I was used to sending winter away, when spring comes, I will wait for you.
The journey of life is in a hurry for only dozens of years. In the waiting days, I feel that why Time flies so slowly. I always want to jump to the end of the years and look at the future, see if you have come back, because when you leave, that goodbye has become my only expectation for the rest of my life
In the four seasons of tossing and turning, in such a big world, we can meet in the sea of people, but we are separated separately. The story of deep affection and shallow affection finally became our label. Fortunately, I am still here, for your promise, my missing, waiting for your return.
From then on, those prosperous and affectionate worlds seemed to have nothing to do with themselves. In the shallow years, there was evidence of being with you, which made the treasured memories more pitiful.
There is no time to accompany you to enjoy the beauty of the four seasons, only to accompany you to walk for a short winter, you will be separated in the spring, the brilliance of summer, the quietness of autumn, maybe we have no chance to go again from then on. We failed the years, the world of mortals and the agreements we made when we met.
Stay in the place where you have passed in your memory, keep your cruel memory with you in your memory, and you can live forever alone.
Winter is gone, and the news of spring is approaching. In the season when everything is recovering, flowers bloom into missing, and missing turns into drizzle flying all over the sky. I am here, in the spring here, wait quietly for your return.

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