The burst of fireworks echoed in the ears

2020年12月15日   |   by 科姆龙

and the dazzling corner immediately dissolved in the cold night sky, leaving with the wind. Through the window, sporadic sounds of firecrackers can be vaguely heard, but this year’s festival is a little cold and cheerless. The few fireworks under the night are nothing more than a few drops of beads on the deep lake, which are fleeting.
There has been no starlight for several nights, and the northeast wind seems to have never stopped since the winter of last year, but it is probably now that I really feel the chill. Standing in front of the window, looking at the wavering shadow of trees outside, I subconsciously wrapped my coat. After all, compared with this luxuriant forest, I was really too weak to resist the wind. There were also several pieces of window grilles which were also fragile. The corners were damaged soon after they were posted, and they were crumbling in the wind only with the last hint of stubbornness.
Unconsciously, the exhaled gas gradually spread on the glass, which blocked my sight and my last extravagant hope for the festival. In the dim night, the last few clusters of flowers blossomed in the sky, like the finale of the grand gathering, accompanied by a few clear sounds, bright and gorgeous, will wither. It was a pity that the water mist was already blurred on the window, with a few pieces of mottled, like the splash of watercolor. In a flash, I missed the most beautiful curtain call.
When I turned on the light, I saw a strange and deformed shadow. I erased the excess water vapor, and then saw half of my face floating on the glass along with the trace of the palm. My eyes were opposite to each other. I wanted to say something. Looking at the mirror image, my lips also moved. I was still silent after all. The wall behind also appeared in the sight, intertwined with the twigs stirred outside the window, like a play on the screen, ups and downs. I stood on tiptoe and wanted to get closer, but except for the same pair of eyes, there was nothing else to see. Through the Eyes on the mirror image, I peeped into the whole deep night sky, but under the night sky, I couldn’t find the bright eyes any more.
After staying in the house for a long time, I have to go out for a walk, pacing the yard and listening to the wind. The streetlight gradually pulled his shadow to the foot of the wall and inserted it in the gap like a wedge. However, I didn’t intend to stay here. I turned around and left, and the slender shadow followed me step by step.
There are some trees planted in the courtyard. Compared with me, they are the leading roles in the play: four jackfruit trees, three masson pine trees, two tall eucalyptus and a big banyan made of wood. I picked up a branch from the ground and inserted it into the soil cautiously. I thought that if I was lucky enough to pass through the turbulent four seasons, I would certainly have seen everything in my expectation.
The wind was still the same. I went back to the corridor and caught a glimpse of the bird’s nest under the eaves inadvertently. Although the bird had already gone to the nest, I firmly believed that as long as the homeland was in place and the spring was full, it would eventually come back. In fact, I don’t take it seriously, because expectation seems to have become an indispensable part of life for a long time: to take a rest in busy times, to meet again in departure times, and to be calm in the downfall of violent storms, in the middle of the cold wind, wait for the spring to bloom…… For me, it seems that the longer the brewing time is, the stronger the mellow fragrance will come from my face. Compared with the direction of my heart, it seems that the fleeting time is really insignificant.
The flowers are gorgeous and may eventually fall, but for the seeds coming out of the ground, this may be the hottest expectation.
“They will definitely come back……” The voice in the bottom of my heart was so fervent and eager.
The gust of wind swept over and I couldn’t help shivering. Unexpectedly, I misestimated the weather here. As expected, the coldest season is not the remaining winter, but the early spring; Just like the darkest time is not the late night, but the moon falls and falls.

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