The atmosphere is warm and cordial

2020年11月15日   |   by 科姆龙

I haven’t had a dream about my hometown for many years. The flying time has opened our distance, and it seems that our heart is getting farther and farther away from our hometown. But just last night, I dreamed back to my hometown again.
It was in a family in the village. It seemed that they were holding a banquet. I was there to help. The house was full of people, twittering, busy and bustling. The feeling in the dream is very real. It seems that I have returned to my former hometown and played in a happy family.
The scene in the dream is like the scene of the movie, which keeps switching. I saw the pond leading to the junior high school, which looked like a long time ago. The bank slope was high, oblique and curved, with several braised willows. I saw another person I wanted to see, and my heart was full of surprises…… The flickering scene and the flickering consciousness are sometimes clear and sometimes vague, as if entering another space and another world and seeing a scene of a movie, and I myself is exactly the leading role in it.
Then, I went home again, back to the old house. At the right front of the old house and the exit of the alley, I took a look at the direction of the new house hundreds of meters away. Patches of tall green plants grow on the road to the new house. The neighbor’s house and my new house are full of such plants. It is not grass, but a kind of plant with wide and round leaves, dense and green.
Arriving at the door of the old house, I suddenly saw my father, who was cleaning the cement on the floor of the house with my elder brother. I looked up and looked around. Why did the old house change? Eh, the old mottled wall at the door turned into a newly built cement wall? It seems to be transformed into a facade. Do you want to open a shop to do business? I looked around the old house again. It was so bright…… Thoughts jump, broken and messy……
My father is still the same, everything is so natural, I don’t feel any surprise or surprise, just like my father really lives in the world.
The dream suddenly broke, woke up and returned to reality. Covered with quilt, it turned out to be just a dream! But the feeling in the dream was so real, as if I had gone back to life. With a moment of confusion, I can’t tell which one is real from reality and dream. At the moment of soberness, there was a kind of trance from the past, and a trace of sadness rose from the bottom of my heart……
Recalling the scene in the dream just now, at the end of the dream, I saw my busy father, who was bending down to accompany the cement floor. I stood in front of the old house and looked around, suddenly I felt it was bright outside, the unusually bright light penetrated my heart suddenly — a feeling of long-lost familiarity suddenly grabbed me — it was the feeling of living in my hometown since I was born, it is the real feeling of living in hometown. No strangeness, no alienation, no sadness.
Only warm and peaceful.
The tip of the nose touched the soft quilt and closed his eyes for a long time. He couldn’t bear to open it. He didn’t give up. He felt sad…… Five flavors mixed. The eyes are tidal.

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