Over the past years, my favorite partner when I was alone was the moon.

2020年10月15日   |   by 科姆龙

I didn’t watch the moon specially tonight, although it was a festive day and a moonlit night. I think the moonlight of this night does not belong to me any more.
Whether it is like a glimmer or a clear moon.
I told my heart to the moon. She knows all my secrets and thoughts.
She had no words but to look at my eyes and comfort my heart with the soft and quiet water.
No matter how noisy the day was, it was quiet and peaceful under her overlooking. No matter how many chaos and tears I had, I Kong Huan like a smoke under her overlooking, and disappeared.
For such a long time, I feel like the moonlight, floating in the air, pervading in the night, invisible for no reason, never looking for it. I gradually defused my love and hate, making myself less desire and less demand, less happiness and less sorrow. I began to like breathing quietly, living peacefully, and also began to like myself like this.
After I can be quiet by myself, I will no longer turn to the comfort of the moonlight. Although I still like the moon so much, I am still so obsessed with the moonlight which is as clean as water and as gentle as jade.
I know that those who are interested still have deep love for the moon or have good expectations for the moon. I know that the moon belongs to these people and no longer belongs to me.
But some people still love the moon so much, and I still feel warm in my heart. After all, this is a lover, I hope to have happiness everywhere!

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