plums were mature

2020年9月15日   |   by 科姆龙

More than ten years ago, there were two Li Shu trees in front of my yard. They were side by side beside the ridge, and there was a big stone in the middle. It is said that the big stone was always there, Li Shu was planted later. Li Shu are so big that they can’t even hug their hands. The stone is still so big that it doesn’t grow at all! My father was a stonemason. He had thought about hitting it before, but later he found a geomantic teacher and said that it dominated geomantic omen, so my father gave up the idea of hitting it. Year after year, the tree has grown so big, the stone is still like that, not old or bad, not sad or hurt! When we were children, we always stood on the big stone, looked up at the plums on the tree, and calculated the time when the At that time, we had coveted the mature plums for a long time, and we thought it was a long day to wait.
Soon after the beginning of Lunar January every year, it will blossom, and white flowers are attached to the branches, which is really a piece of snow pressing on the branches of the Li Shu. When the wind blows, they will fall as if they are scattered. In a blink of an eye, the ground is full of white petals. For example, if you are a person who loves flowers naturally, you must be reluctant to step on it, I saw the broken petals piled up all over the floor, which looked velvet and full of poetic reverie. Its fragrance of flowers always inadvertently penetrates into your nostrils. If you deliberately do not smell it, you will mistake it as a colored and tasteless plastic flower!
Careful children, when bored, will conveniently hold a handful of petals in their hands, and then run aside to sit down, seriously count how many petals there are in his hand. Sometimes he would make a record to show his carefulness and carefulness like an adult. The adults knew the children’s mind and eyes, and would always cater to them and praise them. When the child came to fun, he fell in love with this kind of behavior. Whether the petals of each flower were the same and whether the size was even, they all memorized it by heart, and all the time with full confidence waiting for the adults to “draw the exam”! If you have this kind of work to kill time, you won’t feel bored. On the contrary, you can gain more meticulous, sincere and full life fun.
No one would dislike himself who is very beautiful. People who are very close to Li Shu often tell their children like this: look, how beautiful Li Shu is, how beautiful its flowers are, and we all like him so much! So you have to dress yourself up beautiful and tidy like him, and you will also be loved by many people! After hearing this, the ignorant child would always believe it. Therefore, Li Shu became his mirror and his model, Li Shu became his best teacher. Although my beauty cannot be seen by everyone, I still have to learn to dress myself up and live a beautiful and outstanding life!
When our life has a more vivid reference, our life will be more energetic, more meticulous, more firm, to establish our own life position, will not be confused. According to legend, there is a beautiful legend Li Shu, which is rarely known by people nowadays. This story is about a little girl, who is extremely ugly and abandoned by her biological parents. Later, she was adopted by a poor family, who planted a lot of Li Shu in front of the house. At this time of the year, Li Shu blossoms were particularly beautiful, moreover, the flower will not wither until it blooms for a whole month, and the Li Shu fruit will mature in half a month. She and her foster parents took the mature plums to the street to sell, but no one came to buy them. No one had seen them before, and they thought they were something special. One day, a fairy passed by here and saw her situation, so he gave a magic power to Li Zi. Suddenly, people all over the street rushed to buy it, her plums were suddenly snapped up! After the girl got home, she watered, fertilized and weeded the Li Shu every day. As a result, Li Shu grew taller and stronger, blooming more flowers than in previous years. The girl stood in front of the door, looking at the White Plum blossoms with dense trees, suddenly, A gust of strong wind blew, making her unable to open her eyes. She only felt that Li Hua’s falling pieces kept hitting her face, and it was so thick that she stuck a layer. When the wind stopped and everything calmed down, she wiped the petals on her face with her hands, only to find that it could not be wiped off. She cried in a hurry. When her tears flowed down from the corner of her face, the petals fell off with her tears. She walked carefully to the Mirror, A face like Li Hua appeared in the mirror • • • • • •

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