The happy children obviously felt the gift of nature

2020年8月15日   |   by 科姆龙

The morning light is gentle, scattering a piece of tranquility, soaked in the small courtyard. In leisure time, make a cup of tea, hold a book, sit near the window, savor carefully, time is long.
Blue sky, white clouds and warm sunshine allow a heart to enjoy the comfort and Wu Lan at this moment.
The wind gently brushed over the bamboo leaves, Sha Shasheng and fell beside the ear, like murmuring in pieces. It was quietly telling that spring had come.
clamoring and eager to go out and play with me.
All the way to play, accompanied by singing, and occasionally there are a few Tang poems catchy, just like this, on the continuous path, slowly moving forward!
Beside the village, three or two old men covered with silver silk sat on the low stool, narrowed their eyes, took a nap, and quietly bathed in the sun.
Tian Yeli, the boundless wheat waves came one by one, and some children’s figures flickered with the kites in the sky.
The old trees on the bank of the River haven’t sprouted yet, and the butterflies haven’t fluttered, but the joyful heart begins to dance, intoxicated in the soft February world.
The long-lost feeling is accompanied by ease and tranquility.
When I think of the days when I was wandering outside, my dreams are always full of missing for my hometown; When I recall, all the interesting stories of my childhood are emerging; In my heart, I am pulling the love of my beloved relatives thousands of miles away.
How many sleepless nights, wandering in the bustling Long Street, looking at the high-rise buildings in the city, the neon lights on the roadside are bright and lonely, but they are always lingering in my mind and can’t disappear for a long time.
In today’s days, walking on the land where I was raised and raised, accompanied by family members, breathing the free air, although life is simple, three meals are rough, the House is not spacious and bright, however, the steady happiness always flows in my heart.

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