In spring

2020年6月15日   |   by 科姆龙

the sunshine is very warm and the breeze is not dry. People are always talking about common customs, trivial worldly stories and words that warm people’s hearts. The Bonfire of the neighbors and the three aunts had been burning from the beginning of Lunar January to the beginning of spring.
Compared with the occurrence of this epidemic, our place where agriculture is not agricultural, village is not village, city is not urban, by contrast, it still reflects its unique geographical location and advantages. Whether going out or having three meals a day, people take food as their priority, and purchase or purchase firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce and vinegar tea.
In addition, the cultivation and cultivation of the unique Mulberry culture are not bad! The forest outside the city, in modern terms, is also a village in the city. It also exists and remains, the smoke from the kitchen curling to the House, the flowing water from the small bridge, the sigh between the countryside and the land, and the smell of the withered vines, old trees, dim Crows, the noon of hoeing, plain and unadorned.
Very lively, this Spring Festival, the whole family is round and round. Looking forward to the day and night, and the missing between the day and night, but, except that I haven’t seen it for three years, and there are five people in the family of my elder sister in Hong Kong, in the years before and after the year of 2020. It can also be regarded as the good luck and happiness of harmony, joy and joy, the prosperity of the five grains and the prosperity of the three Yangkai Tai.
But I still love my hometown. Love deeply and love this piece, give birth to me, raise me and teach me, in the 14th and 5th years of Spring and Autumn period, doing things and being harmonious and doing good things. Just like what I wrote before: “I have a small house”, “the forest outside the city” and “Yi Shan Yi Shui, Yi Mei Yi Yang” and so on. Now, after watching so many beautiful scenery ripples, there are countless mountains, rivers, bends, and lakes that are not comparable to each other.
In the end, it also made me understand that, in fact, all of the things, after all, are not worth a “calm and calm heart” in people’s heart “. No matter where you are or where you have been, no matter you are full of poetry and calligraphy, or you are talking about poetry, Chinese New Year, distant and dream.
I still like this sentence which can be used to Wei Chen the wind of tea. “I have a pot of tea, enough to comfort the dust”. Drink a thousand more cups, it won’t be lost, a person who wants.
Nuan Chun, flowers will bloom. The Earth has also recovered. I am sitting in the bright sunshine in the afternoon, looking at the blue sky and white clouds flowing freely. It is very beautiful and also very quiet and distant. The Silent Sky echoed in the ears, which was the song of Dai qingtana.
As if…
He was in the boundless pure land of the world again. I can think of those Tibetan people, the more plain and unadorned piety, and the more loyal reverence to people’s heart.
“Double trees are not forests, and there is a heart under the field”. Hope, also can be like Gu Cheng, as he wrote in the original:
My Bainbridge Island heaven nearly Nan Ming, review empty, occasionally birds substrate porch as usual, both too good, don’t know prudent who, red beak Bea body under the chin Feng of snow, food fruit that fly, there are Yu Sheng in the number. The song said: In the Yu Hai of the mountain, in the Yu Bin of the water, double wood is not the forest, there is a heart under the field, drink with rain, cook with salary, there is a woman in the family, there is no neighbor at once.
If life can be so charming, the scenery here is unique. There is a dream in the mountain soul. I hope that this refreshing and adorable person can also be free and thorough, clean, neat and graceful. Scattered and orderly. We can also live together with the world and pray for our motherland.
Let’s work together for the occurrence of this epidemic event. Let’s work together. Come on, Wuhan! Fuel China! The whole people are united.

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