wish for everyone

2020年5月15日   |   by 科姆龙

Rumor has it that every time one more person is born in the world, there will be one more star in the sky. Everyone represents a star in the world, and the stars make up the most beautiful scenery in the night sky. As if the stars were shining in the night sky, the love across time and space was condensed in the wrist. The twinkling starlight is waiting for another meteor arranged by God to come. Their encounter is destined and is also a good to return.
And my stars will start from then on, and the youth will start. Another time before the college entrance examination, I met you for the first time in Qizhi building of Moruo Middle School. From then on, your smile was in my heart for a long time and I couldn’t leave. Even if I told myself to study hard and give up distracting thoughts, I always thought that you couldn’t sleep at night. In the following exam, I got the first place in the class. I was assigned to a cram school with you unintentionally, and I was so happy. What I desire most every week is the day of the tutorial. I can see you in class, even in the distance. Finally, I took that step and got your contact information easily. Then, it was the happiest time. We rode to the mountain road to play together, overlooking the opposite Sand Bay town; We discussed topics together and talked about all kinds of topics; We strolled home after night study, there are you and me under every street lamp. I always say that I am a straight man. Why don’t you say what you want in your heart? But I am afraid that my heart will affect your study. Because I am a repeat student and have tried the taste of failing the college entrance examination, I choose to maintain this kind of “harmonious” happiness. Time flies, and the graduation season comes again. People say that the graduation season is the breaking-up season, but I haven’t owned it yet, but I feel that I have lost 10,000 times. The last time we met in the Aegean Sea, the location and name seemed to be very romantic. You ordered the most expensive meal, and I said the most authentic words. As a result, I paid the bill with deep pain. In this way, my stars slipped away from me. I wanted to hold them firmly but I had nothing to do. It was the night of summer, the stars in the sky were very beautiful, But one of them crossed, just like his tears.
When he first entered the university, he put forward the “rule” of inviting his roommates to have a big meal as soon as they took off the order, because he had already thought that he would never have the chance to invite his roommates to dinner. It is not that he does not believe that he will meet the one who is excited again, but that there is a person in his heart that he will never forget. After more than two years of college life, he hid his inner feelings and expressed them in every issue of university newspaper with words. Along the way, he met a lot of people, which made him warm and moved, but he gave up or declined one by one. He looked at the sky at night, expecting that she, who was in the south of the colorful clouds, could “only wish people to live for a long time and live together for thousands of miles”. He wished in his heart that she would be warm in three places, that she would not be cold in spring, that there would be lights in the dark, and that there would be umbrellas in the rain.
There is a sentence in John Shaw’s Wishing Tree, “all lost will return in another way.” Just like, if things go against your wishes, please be sure to believe that God has other arrangements. All the things that happened were destined. Halley’s Comet will cross the sky again 76 years later, just like I met my stars again more than 900 days later, and bound with her, weeping with joy, like a dream. At this moment, I felt that once when someone told me not to hang on a tree, I firmly opposed how decisive and rational he was; Once when I felt lonely, I also told myself how correct it was not to drift with the flow; Once when I couldn’t help thinking about her, I told myself how brave it was to see her. It turns out that everything in the world has its own cause and effect. What you insist on and what you never forget, God will not let you lose, and it will echo.
On the night of lunar January 22, you asked me why? I quote Lin Huiyin words to Liang Sicheng to answer you: “The answer is very long, maybe I will explain it all my life.” It is not easy to get, and it is not easy to get happiness. We must cherish it. I hope you and I can go on together for a long time. Someone describes you, there are stars in your eyes. And I want to say, there are stars in my eyes, that is you, you are the eternal star in my life.

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