would wake up naturally.

2020年4月22日   |   by 科姆龙

A melodious “the night of the fishing boat” woke me up from my morning dream. In the soothing and smooth melody, I forced myself to open my eyes and return to my mind. I listened to this familiar song quietly for a while, and the strong feeling of sleepiness didn’t disperse for a long time. I was still haunting me desperately. In the past, my biological clock was always very punctual, and I never needed an alarm to wake myself up. When I should wake up, II don’t know what happened recently. I always overslept in the morning and was almost late for a few days. I don’t want such a phenomenon. I have a strong sense of time and never like to let others wait. I always feel that letting others wait is a waste of others’ time and disrespect for others. If you want to get respect from others, you must first learn to respect others. In order to avoid being late, I had no choice but to set up an alarm and used “fishing boat singing late” as the bell. I like its soothing and smooth, and the simple Qu Feng makes me feel extremely kind and euphemistic, just like a warm and clear stream flowing through my heart, which moistens every cell of mine. I like to tell my heart to it. As long as it rings in my ears, my heart Lake will be calm. It has accompanied me for more than 20 years and recorded my ups and downs in the past 20 years. Only it knows the ups and downs in the past 20 years.
After washing, I picked up my helmet and walked to the construction site, walking and browsing the mountains around me. The mountains in Qiandongnan prefecture of Guizhou are different from those in other places. The mountains here are not only tall, but also each one seems to be independent. Some are like steamed buns, some are like beasts, and some are like pillars standing between heaven and earth. What is more strange is that if you look at it from another angle, those peaks will present different postures. Since the national reform and opening up, many green mountains and green mountains have become the Golden Mountain and Silver Mountain for local people to develop tourism and attract investment. While walking, I appreciate the magic work of nature. For so many years, I can see different scenery everywhere. If you think about it carefully, is life not a trip? I am also in this trip, stepping into the middle age with my hair dyed and frosted from an unconstrained teenager. Along the way, I met all kinds of people and saw different colors, from spring flowers to winter snow and from summer rain to autumn moon. In the past, I always felt that I had too much time to spend freely by myself, but now I gradually realized that the time that originally belonged to me was really too little, and it was only a handful in a few decades. The world is so big that you can travel anywhere at will. This trip of life has only one destination, that is, where you come from and where you go back. From nothing to have is a process, It was also a process from the beginning to the end. During the whole process, I fell from my mother’s belly to the ground, and then waved to the world without taking away a cloud. During that time, I had seen a lot and learned a lot, I also forgot a lot. Looking back on the past, the road that I once walked had disappeared. There was only a road full of bitterness, which was still winding and stretching to the distance in my heart. I can’t predict whether the road in the distance can be smooth and sunny, but I know that when I am confused, there are always two people guiding me. The one on the left is my father, the mother is on the right. Being a true person and working diligently are the coordinates of their lives in the depths of my soul.
Because I was in a hurry, I glanced over those strange mountains. Although I was a little absent-minded, I remembered every feature of them when I watched them more often. It is possible that just one memory is a lifetime. Once something takes root in the heart, it will never be wiped out. A city, a mountain and a person are all punctuations along the way. Connecting each punctuation together constitutes this trip of life. Seeing that this trip was over half of the time, those punctuations left in my heart correspondingly became my most precious wealth. Whether happy or sad, it is your own experience. In the muddy, only a faint smile from the bottom of my heart can be exchanged.
When I was about to walk to the gate of the construction site, the message tone of the mobile phone came from my pocket. I opened it in a hurry and found it was from her at home. She said that today was the 25th anniversary of her marriage with me. She married me 25 years ago with happiness and hope, and she asked if there would be another 25 years in the future. After reading the information as quickly as possible, I felt like I knocked over the five-flavor bottle in my heart, and the sweet, sour, bitter, spicy and salty intertwined and jumped out of my head. I pressed the soreness in my heart and raised my head to the sky, hoping that the red morning light could take away those disappointing liquid in my eyes. But things went against my wishes. The more I wanted to control, the more I couldn’t control. The manic liquid still flowed down the corner of my eyes. I installed my mobile phone, took out a tissue and wiped my eyes, standing there for a while. At that time, I didn’t know why I was like that. My whole heart was crushed by her information to the brink of collapse. As a middle-aged man, I should be able to afford it, but I just failed to reach that state, and a sense of guilt lingered on all the time.
I hastily finished my own breakfast and started a whole day’s work. The construction site was also lively. All kinds of knocks gathered together and played a construction site Symphony March. Strangely enough, I was calm at this moment, so quiet that I could only hear the sound of welding rod melting, and all my worries were formed along with the welding rod melting. I like that kind of quiet feeling, especially when I knock on the medicine skin and see the lines I like appear in front of me, I feel more gratified and warm in my heart. In my life, there are two things that I like most and are very important. One is the electrode and the other is the pen. Although they have no life, they can understand my mind and accompany me unswervingly. They have already become an indispensable part of my life. I love pens and the fluent words. I love welding rods and the hot lines under them. One is spiritual support and the other is material giving. Sometimes I also ask myself whether I love them too much and ignore the management of the family. After all, the family is my own shelter and cannot be controlled by one person. Whenever I think of this question, there will always be an inexplicable taste. That kind of taste is mixed with guilt and responsibility, understanding and communication, and more with the expectation of gathering less and leaving more time. Sometimes the more I want to find the answer, The more blurred my mind is, I can grasp the direction well at the critical moment of big and big issues. Why can’t I deal with family conflicts well? So I like quietness. He often closed himself up, often went to the front and the moon to look for a trace of silent comfort, often used hypocritical talk and laugh to cover up the loneliness in the heart, often in front of the words unscrupulously vent the depression of the secular. Sometimes I also understand that the quietness I prefer is just an evasive attitude and a kind of cowardice and incompetence that dare not face the reality, but I just can’t get rid of the constraint of the remaining man’s self-esteem. Some people say that the success of a man lies not in how many titles and wealth he has, but in whether he can give his beloved a warm and happy family. I think this sentence should be correct. There is no absolute mistake or right in the world, and there is no exact definition of happiness. It is just a feeling. Everyone has his own way of life and has different feelings for happiness, as long as he feels comfortable. Of course, one’s own comfort cannot be imposed on others’ pain. Only when one knows how to think in other’s position can one’s comfort be filled with joy and laughter.
Nowadays, I don’t want to change anyone, nor do I want to change my only happiness. I just want to go my own way and do my own thing well. Seeing this trip of life, I am going to reach the destination soon. I am eager to be more considerate for the rest of my life and make the flowers of the Four Seasons fragrant for the whole journey. In the vast sea of people, some people turn around for a lifetime, and some people care for a lifetime. How many times does it take for two people to pass each other in their previous lives to get the same bed and pillow in this life. Now that we are lucky enough to join hands in the world of mortals, let’s turn everything into a jade hat, because we may not meet again in the next life. In the days when there is work to do, time always passes too fast, and in a blink of an eye, the day’s work disappears in the boundless night. I put on my earphones and listened to “the night of the fishing boat” quietly. The moon on the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau was particularly bright, and the bright moonlight swept away thousands of miles. At this time, my hometown must also be Ru Jiao moonlight. Enjoy a window of cloud and Moon, read a square of water and soil, listen to the singing of the fishing boat at night, put a heart of missing in the jade plate to fly, the wind is light and the moon is bright, fly, fly.

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