it again and tomorrow will come.

2020年4月15日   |   by 科姆龙

I can’t remember how many days and nights, a person secretly weaved a thick cocoon with fear, and then hid inside and cried in a daze. After all, the world is beautiful. Whenever the ruthless night comes, I will tell myself to stick to
The painful mood was like a huge cage, and the people being caged were like desperate beasts, sobbing in a low voice or roaring hysterically. Unfortunately, no one would stop to rescue them.
The only road I could walk in front of me could not see whether it was bumpy or flat. I only knew that no matter in sunny or rainy days, as long as I gritted my teeth and insisted on walking, I would definitely find the road sign indicating the direction.
Maybe everyone knows who cares most about themselves, but they still can’t help hurting each other. Is it because I have been with you for too long, so I don’t care about those hypocritical etiquette and can’t help showing my true self in front of others. No one is born to be perfect. Maybe everyone loves others in their own way, but it is unknown. This kind of love may be full of desire for control and selfish. Even if it is not favored by everyone, it is the purest and sincere.
But love and care should not be just one’s thoughts. Unspoken words can cause a lifetime of pain. There are some words that should not be said, and many things may deteriorate after saying them. The saddest thing is that we have personally practiced that sentence-impulse is the devil that harms others and harms ourselves.
Life is always heavy and unbearable. Everyone is working hard for it. If you do something wrong, you can turn back, but there is no end to making mistakes.
Maybe we are all the same people, and we all have a crazy heart to care about that person. When this persistent and sincere heart was questioned cruelly by the other side, we became like angry lions. But the big mouth of the blood basin was not willing to bite at the other side.
Maybe I am really the kind of person you said, ruthless and indifferent. Self-righteous love hurts others and hurts oneself. After so many years, I just want to say that love is true and pain is also true.

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